Remember back when every weekend was spent partying at somebody’s 21st or 25th birthday? Well, now I’ve hit that stage in life where everybody around me is getting married. The latest wedding celebration was Grace and Henry’s, and I’m still drooling over their magnificent seafood banquet!

Seriously, if you’re newly engaged and are planning to have a Chinese wedding then I highly recommend Marigold as your reception venue.

Here’s why –

The decor is traditionally oriental but not tacky; gorgeous high ceilings, stunning chandeliers and red lanterns.

Wedding banquet at Marigold Citymark -

Ignore the plastic spoons on the sauces and turn your eyes to the lavish mountain of roast suckling pig, glossy crisp crackling and flavoursome jellyfish salad. Then focus on the scrumptious crab claws, which have been wrapped in a prawn paste and deep-fried to a crisp golden brown.

Wedding banquet at Marigold Citymark - suckling pig and jellyfish salad with crab claws

The scallops are ever so sweet and delicate, sauteed deliciously with sugar snaps, pine nuts and flakes of dried scallops.

The sharkfin and fish maw soup is a delicacy highly regarded by the older Asian community and although this is probably the only dish that I don’t fancy much, I can confirm they don’t skimp on the much sought-after ingredients.

Wedding banquet at Marigold Citymark - scallops sauteed with sugar snaps and sharkfin and fish maw soup

Next are generous servings of braised lobster with garlic, ginger and shallots followed by a delicate steamed fish.

Wedding banquet at Marigold Citymark - lobtser and fish

Then we have succulent shiitake mushrooms with super soft and tender braised abalone and snow peas.

Wedding banquet at Marigold Citymark - snowpeas with shiitake mushrooms and abalone

A whole chicken is next, with the most tender meat and crispy skin of course. Yes, with head, neck, wings and feet all on display to represent completeness.

Wedding banquet at Marigold Citymark - crispy skin chicken

Even the stomach-fillers of special fried rice and braised e-fu noodles with mushrooms are tasty.

Wedding banquet at Marigold Citymark - special fried rice and e-fu noodles

Desserts consist of smiling doughnuts, almond cake, wedding cake (not pictured), fresh fruits and a sweet red bean soup. Burp.

OK, so I haven’t been to a wedding at Sky Phoenix or Zilver or
Fisherman’s Wharf yet so I may deter my decision, but in the meantime, Chinese wedding banquets at Marigold are tops!

Wedding banquet at Marigold Citymark - sweets

Grace and Henry, congratulations again and thank you so much for sharing your wedding day and such a spectacular banquet with us. Let all your dreams
come true and every
minute be a feast! xx

Wedding banquet at Marigold Citymark - the newly weds, Grace and Henry

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Marigold Citymark
Levels 4 & 5, 683-689 George Street, Sydney NSW
Phone (02) 9217 6090

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  1. Congratulations Grace and Henry!
    I love Chinese Wedding Banquets and don’t go to enough of them : ) This one looked spectacular… have me drooling too now LOL!!!

  2. lol yes, at this age, with everyone around us getting engaged/married, the pressure is on! We have only been together for like what… 10 and a half years =D I always find myself absolutely stuffed silly by the time the rice and noodles comes out.

  3. Two weddings, one day. And Malay-Chinese Takeaway.

    How’s that for a rhyming blog post title? This blog post takes us back to November 26, the date where for the first time ever, I attended two weddings in one day! Unfortunately, it meant we were only able to…


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