A few months ago, I was approached by The Address to write an Insider’s Guide to Sydney. At first, it sounded like an amazing opportunity to share my passion with the rest of the world but then I realised what an overwhelming task was ahead of me.

How does one actually cull down all the incredible eateries that Sydney has to offer?

I knew it would be impossible to create a list that would be a good reference for everybody from all walks of life, so I decided to narrow down the target audience to visiting tourists; The Address is an international publication afterall.

My insider’s guide to Sydney food is spread over eight glossy pages (page 136 – 143) in issue 8 of The Address Magazine.

It has been categorised into topics including best kept secret, best for breakfast, best for coffee, best wine bar, best for cocktails, best for meat pie, best for steak, best for food market shopping, best for seafood, best for those with a sweet tooth and best places to dine with a view!

The Insider's Guide to Sydney food

Click to read Insider Guide: Sydney. Published in THE ADDRESS Magazine issue 8, February 2011.

So, I’m interested to know what you think. Where would you take family/friends if they were visiting Sydney? What would you add or remove from my list?

Share all your favourite places to eat that makes Sydney special!


  1. ohhh tough job but very well done! I’d have to say Chinatown/Haymarket. Cheap and super yummy eats with a shot of Sydney’s amazing multiculturalism.


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