Meet Fresh has been open in Sydney for about seven months and is just next door to Mamak. No matter what time of the day or night I passed it, there seemed to be constant queues out the door!
I finally decided it was time to check out what all the fuss was about and joined the queue tonight.

Meet Fresh Taiwanese Dessert House at Sydney Chinatown Australia - queues

Meet Fresh is actually one of Taiwan’s most popular dessert chains with 100+ stores. This store in Chinatown Sydney is the first in Australia. It originates from Central Taiwan where brother and sister team, Mr and Ms Fu persisted to preserve the quality and taste of the traditional Taiwanese desserts they grew up with. Thus all items at Meet Fresh are nostalgically handmade and freshly prepared.
Once in line, the queue moves quite quickly. The counter area is a bit chaotic but past that, there’s two levels of seating which thankfully have a fast turnaround.
I’m a complete newb at Taiwanese cuisine so Zen and I order the two dishes that were promoted the most in store, thinking it’d be their specialty.
The menu is segmented into seven categories – taro ball dessert, herbal jelly, tofu pudding, winter melon tea, traditional MeetFresh tea, whipped cream tea and MeetFresh cold dessert.
This is the Taro Balls Dessert 7 ($5.50). There are taro balls, sweet potato balls, mashed taro, spotted beans, pearls and lots of shaved ice. The taro balls are deliciously soft and slightly chewy, similar to that of tapioca pearls but much tastier. The taro mash is full of real taro yummyness and is the best thing about this dish.

Meet Fresh Taiwanese Dessert House - taro balls dessert 7

The Signature Herbal Dessert ($5.50) features shaved ice drowned in a herbal syrup, taro and sweet potato balls, creamer and slippery herbal jelly – which I must admit, is an acquired taste that I have grown up with and love.

Meet Fresh Taiwanese Dessert House - MeetFresh Signature Herbal Dessert

Both desserts aren’t too sweet which is key to finishing the generous servings. The play on textures is extremely enjoyable and the flavours are different and exciting; It’s no wonder Meet Fresh has become so popular.

Meet Fresh Taiwanese Dessert House

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Meet Fresh
13 Goulburn Street, Haymarket / Chinatown Sydney NSW
Phone: (02) 8339 1031

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  1. I’m so curious to try this place, but I need to figure out what the best thing is to order as it’s a fair cry from the ice-cream and chocolate topping I grew up eating as a kids. I think the 1st dessert you tried looks like a winner.

  2. I really want to check this place out, but I’m not so sure how my non Asian partner will take to these hard core Asian desserts : I think you have to be Asian to understand Asian desserts.

  3. Love the taro in that one! I was a bit overwhelmed by the menu too – so much choice and unfamiliar ingredients. I think I’m ready for a re-visit and this time i’ll be much more adventurous with my ordering!


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