It has been over a year since the last compilation of my fave iPhone apps for foodies (check out part one and part two). During that time, I’ve upgraded to the iPhone 4 and have tried and tested dozens of new apps. Considering the fast pace at which technology changes, I thought an update to this list was way overdue!
So here is a handful that I am totally loving:
Shop Ethical 2011 ($3.99)
shop ethical 2011- featured in JENIUS must-have iPhone apps for foodies
This is a great app for anyone interested in shopping ethically and living sustainably. It gives you the low-down on the environmental and social record of thousands of products and conveniently organises the data into intuitive categories. At a glance, you can make quick and informed decisions about brands to avoid or if you have more time, there’s an excellent level of detail for some educational reading. Love that it’s an Australian app too, because all the products are common items you’d see in any supermarket, so it’s all very relevant.
foodgawker (free)
foodgawker - featured in JENIUS must-have iPhone apps for foodies
This app is the mobile extension of website, which many of you will already be familiar with. So if you’re a visual person like me, then you’ll be delighted with this culinary-inspiration-on-the-go! Get hooked on gawking at drool-worthy food photos by food bloggers from around the world, wherever you are.
ShopShop (free)
shopshop - featured in JENIUS must-have iPhone apps for foodies
There’s lots of shopping list apps which promise to do a lot more than what this one does, but I really like the simplicity of ShopShop. Add items to the list, and swipe them off as you buy them. It’s nothing special, really, but it does the job with great ease.
Instagram (free)
instagram - featured in JENIUS must-have iPhone apps for foodies
Instagram combines my love for gorgeous photo filters with the fun of sharing everyday snaps. This app allows you to post directly to Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr and Posterous and can check you into Foursquare. The latest version even has a tilt-shift mode so you can go nuts creating miniature scenes. I love instagram so much, I’ve used it to power my new ‘project 365: one photo a day’ blog!
Labelbox (free)
labelbox - featured in JENIUS must-have iPhone apps for foodies
I’m a stationary geek and love that I can virtually label any photo on my iPhone! There are some lovely looking label designs in this too and it makes the photos look oh-so-cute!
mosaiq ($2.49)
For the times when you can’t choose which photo to share, you can share them all with mosaiq! Create professional looking mosaics using some great layouts.
Mad Mex (web-based)
madmex - featured in JENIUS must-have iPhone apps for foodies
OK, so this one isn’t from the App Store but I love Mad Mex’s mobile-enabled website! It features a pretty cool nutritional calculator that is flexible enough to breakdown the nutritional value of any crazy burrito combination. I don’t normally count my calories but it’s been interesting comparing the kilojoules burnt during my walks/runs with what I consume. Plus Mad Mex is yummy.
Dining Out (free)
Using the GPS locator and’s restaurant booking engine, this app matches your physical location with table availability at nearby restaurants. Search options include date, time, party size, location and cuisine. Then you’re just one click away from securing a table booking! There aren’t many restaurants hooked up to this in Sydney yet (the app originates from Melbourne) but it’s one to keep an eye out for.
myCar Park (free)
mycar park - featured in JENIUS must-have iPhone apps for foodies
I lose my sense of direction ridiculously easily and there’s no bigger nightmare than forgetting where I’ve parked the car after a fabulous feed! This app lets you ‘drop the pin’ once you’ve parked. You can add a photo or notes and when you’re ready to head back to the car, it hooks up to Google Maps and gives you walking directions. Now we can all eat at peace 😉
All-in-One Unit Converter (free)
The internet has made the world smaller but cooking a recipe straight out of a blog from the other side of the world still isn’t a seamless process. This app is the only one of its kind you’ll ever need when it comes to the conversions department. It includes U.S., Imperial and metric cooking units and more.
Do you have a favourite food-related iPhone app that I haven’t mentioned? Share yours here.


  1. what a idiot, I didn’t know foodgawker had an app!!
    i’ll be downloading that as soon as I finish typing.
    my fave shopping list app is ShopListFree cos you can put things in categories…. which is good for me cos I always forget things when they aren’t listed in supermarket sections!

  2. I’m also a big fan of Instagram. I’d like to see a sprocket type filter, it always gives an awesome look. They should also include a sequence mode where you could fit 4 or more pictures into one frame. That would be awesome!

  3. I have been using shopshop for ages. It was like the first app I installed on my phone. I use it every day. That car parking one is a great idea too! Installing now!


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