My breakfasts are anything but dull. I’ve never been one to eat the same thing day after day so I usually alternate between an array of deliciousness including freshly squeezed juices, cereals, yoghurts, toast with kaya (coconut jam) or something gourmet like pawpaw, lime and passionfruit jam, steamed dumplings, omelettes, fresh fruit, or *cringe* last night’s leftovers.
Having the time for a full breakfast every morning is one of the pleasures of working from home.

Bircher muesli though, has always been regarded as a treat. I first came across it when I was in primary school. This was the store-bought stuff that came in single serve cartons. It was fruity, sweet and so tasty.

I can’t remember what brand it was but it’d been a very long time since my last bircher so I was delighted to receive a sample of the WBC Bircher.

WBC stands for Worlds Best Cereal, which is a pretty big claim. But in all seriousness, this bircher muesli is the kind of breakfast that you’d visit cafés for!

It is nutritionally packed with almonds (10%), pepitas (10%), sunflower seeds (10%), cranberries (10%), walnuts (7.5%), coconut (10%), sultanas (7.5%) and rolled brown rice (35%). All the ingredients are natural and raw.

WBC Bircher Muesli with yoghurt and fresh passionfruit

It is also very easy to prepare.

Simply combine 150g WBC Bircher (equivalent to 3x 50g serves) with 350ml fruit juice (I used apple juice) and a grated apple and let sit for 8-12 hours in the fridge before serving.
This process softens the rice and nuts, enhancing their digestibility.

WBC Bircher Muesli

The best part is that this will keep in the fridge for up to 5 days, so there’s really no excuse if you’re accustomed to a morning rush every work day.

I served mine with some yoghurt and a fresh passionfruit, and it was just beyond divine – plus it’s as good for you as it tastes!

This is one cereal well worth checking out!

WBC Bircher
500g bag, RRP $14
1kg bag, RRP$24

Available online or in good health food stores, independent supermarkets and selected Health Practitioners.

More information:

JENIUS received a 500g bag of Bircher Muesli with thanks to WBC Cereal Company



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