My latest fave eat in Melbourne is Naked For Satan. I remember seeing this place at its final stages of preparation for launch mid last year so I was eager to check it out on my recent trip back to Melbourne.
One of my best highlights from my time in Barcelona a few years ago was a fabulous night out at a pintxos bar. It’s super exciting to see that I don’t have to travel too far to get some pintxos action now!
Pintxos (pronounced pin-chos) are eaten at bars in Spain. They’re like tapas, except are served in individual portions with a slice of bread. They normally come attached with a toothpick to keep the ingredients from falling off the bread, and the toothpick doubles as a counter for the number of items a customer has eaten.

Naked for Satan - pintxos

Pintxos offer excellent value, since bars typically make their money from all the alcohol customers end up drinking and the food is just there to accommodate the booze.
At Naked For Satan, they’re $2 each but it just so happened that since May, they’ve been offering 80 cents pintxos on Monday to Friday lunch time, Monday to Wednesday dinner time and Sunday from 6pm onwards.
Yep, I’m here during weekday lunch. 80c pintxos? Score!

Naked for Satan - pintxos display

The pintxos bar stretches along the front of the bar. There’s almost 20 varieties on offer. I’ve got a full report on every single one of them for you below.

Naked for Satan - bar

The decor here is quirky and pays homage to Leon Satanovich (“Satan”), a Russian immigrant who created vodka stills in the caretaker’s quarters of the Moran and Cato warehouse during The Depression, and became part of Fitzroy’s history. Giant copper boilers and water tanks are intertwined with plush lounges and wooden chairs.

Naked for Satan -seating

Drinks on offer include the Daylesford and Hepburn Mineral Springs Co range (I love the sparkling pink grapefruit!), coffees, vodkas, ciders and more.
I have a Weetbix-style challenge with Zen on the number of pintxos we could each do.
He does six.

Naked for Satan - toothpicks

I do eight. LOL! They’re all super delicious morsels.
This is my first plate –

Naked for Satan - plate of pintxos

And this is my second plate –

Naked for Satan - second plate of pintxos

Plus here’s a snapshot of all the different pintxos on offer –
Tortilla with aioli

Naked for Satan - tortilla with aioli pintxos

Smoked chilli mussels with chickpeas

Naked for Satan - smoked chilli mussels with chickpea pintxos

Pissaladiere: onions, anchovy and olive

Naked for Satan -pissaladiere: onions, anchovy and olive pintxos

Grilled veg salad and balsamic; and pea, tomato and pinenut

Naked for Satan - grilled veg salad and balsamic, and pea, tomato and pinenut pintxos

Smoked salmon and picked onion

Naked for Satan - smoked salmon and picked onion pintxos

Chorizo, cream cheese and green chilli

Naked for Satan -chorizo, cream cheese and green chilli pintxos

Jamon serrano

Naked for Satan -jamon serrano pintxos

Blueberry cassis cannoli

Naked for Satan -blueberry cassis cannoli

Gilda: olives, picked chillies and anchovy

Naked for Satan - gilda: olives, picked chillies and anchovy pintxos

Rice ball, cream cheese and quince paste

Naked for Satan -rice ball, cream cheese and quince paste pintxos

Black eyed bean salad and carrot pintxos

Naked for Satan - black eyed bean salad and carrot pintxos

Eggplant chip, blue cheese and honey

Naked for Satan -eggplant chip, blue cheese and honey pintxos

Seafood, carrot and flying fish roe

Naked for Satan -seafood, carrot and flying fish roe pintxos

Cauliflower and Manouri cheese and garlic prawn

Naked for Satan -cauliflower and manouri cheese and garlic prawn pintxos

Spicy sopressa

Naked for Satan -spicy sopressa pintxos

Ham terrine and dijonnaise

Naked for Satan -ham terrine and dijonnaise pintxos

Naked For Satan is totally worth a visit, and a re-visit.

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Naked For Satan
285 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy, VIC
Phone: (03) 9416 2238

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