Quirky gifts, I can’t get enough of them! Giftclubs is a new concept that allows you to send the perfect gift either once-off, or once a month for 2, 3, 6 or 12 months. Types of clubs available include baking, hot sauce, pasta, tea, nuts, cookie, chocolate, vinegars & dressings and more!

This is like gifting a magazine subscription – but better!

I was intrigued by the chips club so just had to try it for research purposes 😉

Yes, that’s right. A chips club exists. If you know someone who constantly gets the munchies or simply really appreciates the fine qualities of chips, this club is made for them!

Giftsclub - chips club

Each month, chips club members receive four packets of chips (two different flavours) in a lovely gift box. The types of chips included are sourced from all over world.

I totally loved the suspense that came with each delivery!

Dirty potato chips in Giftclubs chips club

My first few deliveries were various flavours of chips from the Dirty potato chips range – Sea Salt, Mesquite Barbecue, Salt & Vinegar, Sour Cream & Onion, Cracked Pepper & Sea Salt, and Jalapeño Heat.

Visually, the chips look similar to Kettle Chips and the Red Rock Deli’s range. Taste-wise, they’re crunchier than any chip I’ve ever had. Unfortunately, I wasn’t very fond of them. The extra crunch came with a compromise which I later discovered was due to the fact that the chips were cooked in a peanut oil blend (which made the chips taste greasy and heavy), and the potato slices were not washed!

Well, that explains the brand name then!

Aside from the disturbing thought of eating soil, I did enjoy the interesting flavours, in particular the Jalapeno Heat and Mesquite Barbecue.

I also appreciate that these chips are all natural, cholesterol free and features no MSG, no preservatives and no hydrogenated oil. The packaging is quite premium and apparently they have been a top rated potato chip in major food magazines.

Dirty potato chips

Dirty potato chips BBQ flavor

For me, the perfect potato chip should have a deeply indulgent crunch
but be light enough for one to mindlessly munch through an entire
packet. I like my chips lightly salted with complex real potato flavours.

I generally don’t like ultra-processed chips (i.e. Pringles) nor do I like those healthy 97% fat free chips (i.e. Sultry Sally).

My later deliveries included other varieties which I probably would have never picked up myself. But that’s the beauty of gifts like this. It pushes you to try new things.

I ravaged through both packets of the Piranha Golden Hash Potato Grills in Saucy Barbeque and the Piranha Chicca Chips in Lime & Sea Salt in one sitting because they were THAT good.

Piranha potato golden hash grill chips

The Golden Hash Potato Grills have an airy light texture. It is crisp, satisfying and the distinctive BBQ flavour is wildy addictive.

Piranha chips

The Chicca Chips are like miniature papadums with fun flavours. They’re beautifully crafted round discs that offer lots of crunch with barely any grease.

Chips club - packets of chips

Through the Chips Club, I also got to try California Chips in Creamy
Chipotle and Honey BBQ, Zapp’s Spicy Cajun Crawtator, and Thomas Chipman
Sweet Potato Chips.

I now feel like a potato chip connoisseur, having tasted so many rare and delectable finds.

A Chips Club membership is quite the fun gift if you ask me!

For more information, go to http://giftclubs.com.au/chips-club

JENIUS experienced the Chips Club courtesy of Giftclubs



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