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Korean Fried Chicken at Arisun

Who isn’t obsessed with fried chicken? KFC brought it to the masses but it’s restaurants like Mamak (ayam goreng), Tan Viet (crispy skin chicken), ATL Maranatha (fried soft bone chicken), Sushi Bar Rashai (chicken karaage) and Arisun, who have satisfied my cravings.

My most favourite variation of fried chicken at the moment, would have to be Korean Fried Chicken. And that is what brings us to Arisun. Arisun - Korean sausage hot pot

After a cycling workout (I’m really getting the hang of it!), I was absolutely famished.

Some people workout to lose weight but I’m doing it so I can be more carefree when it comes to savouring deep-fried goodness! (OK I lied, losing a few kilos along the way would be nice too.)

Arisun is a popular beer garden/restaurant that sits on the Liverpool Street end of Dixon Street. It has a wide open outdoor seating area which even at 9pm, is almost full.

To start, we have the sausage hotpot (I think it was $33), a naughty feast of processed meats including frankfurt-style sausages, ham, corned meat, with instant noodles, kimchi, rice cakes, tofu and a few other veggies. It’s pretty hot evening but sometimes I just need a good hearty stew.

Arisun fried chicken with soy sauce

But what we’re really here for, is the famous Korean Fried Chicken ($30) available in three flavours – original, soy sauce or hot sauce.

Pictured here, is the soy sauce flavour.

Top view of Arisun's Korean Fried Chicken (KFC)

In terms of fried chicken, this has to be one of the best.

I know, my photos don’t do it justice as it was dark, so just go there and try it for yourself.

The chicken is coated in an ultra light crisp batter which is fragrant with soy sauce; the inside is entirely juicy and succulent. The pieces are fairly small but clearly the perfect size as they’re all consistently fried – not a single piece is too dry – and no matter how you bite, each mouthful picks up a bit of the irresistible batter, and a bit of the tender chicken.

I find myself alternating every few bites of chicken with some pickled daikon cubes which cleanses my palate in preparation for more piping hot fried chicken!

It’s sooo good!

Eating like there's no tomorrow at Arisun

Funnily enough, despite the fried chicken being out-of-this-world amazing, the most memorable part of this dinner would have to be the compressed towelettes. These little things appear as small tablets, but grow into ordinary wet wipes when you pour water on them! How quirky!

Korean wet paper towel tablets

Late night dining at Arisun, Sydney

Oh, by the way, bring some friends when you dine here. The fried chicken and hot pot only comes in one size which works out to be a ridiculous amount of food for just two people 😉

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1 Dixon Street, Sydney, NSW (Haymarket/Chinatown)
Phone: (02) 9264 1588

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