You know what I just realised? I’ve been eating at Cafe Giulia for several years now and I’ve never blogged about it! Actually, I thought I had… But my blog archives say otherwise, if you don’t include the small mention of it here.

I absolutely adore this cafe, so here’s a collection of some of my favourite dishes I’ve had during the past month:

Let’s start with the Belgian waffles with rhubarb and mascarpone. I love the deep craters on Belgian waffles, it makes it so much more texturally satisfying to bite into. These are pretty perfect. They have a super crisp exterior and an ever so light interior. The sweet tangyness of the rhubarb is paired with deliriously decadent mascarpone, and finished off with a dusting of a little confectioners’ sugar. It’s an incredibly divine combination, which I like to improve with a side of bacon! Best brunch dish ever.

Cafe Giulia - Sydney cafe, Chippendale - waffles

If you’re after a more savoury note, then you must try the grilled chicken casa roll ($9.90). It is grilled chicken with loads of coriander, some mayo, chilli and lime, sandwiched within a toasted bread roll. The large proportion of fresh chopped coriander surprisingly doesn’t overwhelm but offers an exotic touch.

In my experience, the chips ($5) with rosemary and rock salt are the must-have side dish.

Cafe Giulia - Sydney cafe, Chippendale - chicken casa roll with handcut chips

Or if you decide to come for breakfast, then the smoked salmon breakfast ($16.90) is the bomb. Beautifully poached eggs, wilted spinach, thin slivers of gorgeous smoked salmon, gorgeous hash browns and fresh dill… You can’t go past it!

Cafe Giulia - Sydney cafe, Chippendale - salmon and eggs

Actually, this prawn bagel ($9.90) with grilled tomato, sprouts, cucumber and yoghurt tahini, is another favourite of mine too.

Cafe Giulia - Sydney cafe, Chippendale - prawn bagel

And here’s why I love Cafe Giulia – the ginormous blackboard menu which will have you gazing for hours!

Cafe Giulia - Sydney cafe, Chippendale -menu

Even after numerous visits all these years, I still think Cafe Giulia hasn’t lost it’s charm. It is still very much a warm neighbourhood cafe with lots of fresh flavours.


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Cafe Giulia
92 Abercrombie Street, Chippendale, NSW
Phone: (02) 9698 4424

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  1. Awww a blackboard like that would be a nightmare for an indecisive person like me! It’s nice to have a local favorite to head to, and maybe u hadn’t blogged about it because you secretly wanted to keep something good to yourself 😉


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