In terms of unassuming eateries, there is no restaurant more unassuming than DY Sizzling Hot Pot. Even though I’m quite adventurous with trying out new restaurants, I must admit that I would have never set foot inside DY Sizzling Hot Pot had it not been for Zen’s high recommendation. “Dirty Asian” restaurants are only safe if you have a personal recommendation, right?
Funnily enough, since I relocated my office to the Haymarket end of the city, I’ve become a DY-Sizzling-Hot-Pot-addict. It’s cheap and cheerful and always so satisfying. I’ve probably dined here over 15 times already!

DY Sizzling Hot Pot - cheap and cheerful Chinese restaurant in Chippendale on George Street Sydney

P.S. Apologies for the hideously long blog post title. The restaurant (and my office) seems to be located in an area of Sydney which is unidentifiable by one suburb label. Don’t get me started on how often my office mail goes missing!!
DY Sizzing Hot Pot’s serving sizes are on the generous end of the scale and are always enough to be split into two days’ worth of lunches. Or for a quick and nasty tasty dinner for two, two dishes are sufficient.
Most dishes are under $10 and the best thing about this place is that they don’t skimp on the rice, haha
One of my most favourite dishes to have here is number 54: chicken in chilli sauce ($9.90) which is Chinese cabbage and bean sprouts tangled within pieces of tender chicken, in a soup-like sauce. The additional fried chillis on top add oomph to the already red soup but don’t worry if you can’t handle the heat – it looks much hotter than it tastes! I think it’s because the Chinese cabbage and bean sprouts tone down the chilli, but still, it’s damn good!

DY Sizzling Hot Pot -  chicken in chilli sauce

Equally good is number 46: Sichuan pepper chicken ($9.90), which I also occasionally order with pork (number 49). This dish is numbingly awesome!

DY Sizzling Hot Pot - Sichuan pepper chicken

Even the seafood dishes are surprisingly decent! Number 6: honey king prawns are just $11.90 and feature ten large juicy prawns coated in a sumptuous batter and sticky honey gloss. This could easily go for double the price in a proper restaurant.

DY Sizzling Hot Pot - honey king prawns

Here are the menus incase you’d like to plan your visit 🙂

DY Sizzling Hot Pot -  menu

DY Sizzling Hot Pot - menu board

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DY Sizzling Hot Pot
Shop 2, 849 George Street, Ultimo, NSW
Phone: (02) 9280 2812

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