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Mooncakes giveaway

Growing up with a mish mash of cultures and cuisines was tremendously confusing as a kid. During my young school years, I was always trying to work out the correlation between certain words in the various languages that were spoken at home – all while learning English and discovering the multicultural world via the school playground. 

Figuring out the cultural heritage of certain dishes we ate was a monster of its own. I knew that when Mum made pho that it was Vietnamese. I knew that her congee was Teochew. But there were so many other foods that I eventually accepted as “Asian”.

Despite attending plenty of moon festivals and having eaten dozens of mooncakes in my lifetime, I’ve never quite understood the symbolism behind this seasonal event. Read this if you are curious. (What would we do without Wiki!!)

To me, the moon festival has always been an excuse to stay up late, play with colourful plastic cartoon character lanterns, and devour lots of mooncake!

In celebration of the upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival, I’ve got ten boxes of Elegant Flower Brand mooncakes (RRP $35 each) up for grabs!

Hong Kong Elegant Flower Mooncake competition on JENIUS

Elegant Flower Brand’s mooncakes blend old fashioned artisanal mooncake crafting techniques with modern-day health concerns. By no means are mooncakes healthy in any way, but they’re a slight improvement from the traditional 1000-calories-per-mooncake days!

The most traditional mooncake is the white lotus seed paste flavour. The best part of the mooncake has always been the salted egg yolk so it’s no wonder why there are nowadays variations that offer up to 4 egg yolks in the one

I just love the intricate patterns (i.e. the words that I cannot read) on mooncakes. The golden sheen makes them so inviting!

Hong Kong Elegant Flower Mooncake - white lotus with twin yolk

Elegant Flower Brand introduced two new mooncake flavours last year – abalone, and sharks fin! With abalone and sharks fin often representing prestige in Asian culture, I can just imagine how popular these extravagent flavours would have been as gifts for business associates or family friends!

Hong Kong Elegant Flower Mooncake - abalone mooncake

The abalone flavour is very similar to the mixed nuts variant – it is rich and dense, filled with the crunch of almonds, walnuts, melon and olive seeds and a very subtle abalone fragrance.

Hong Kong Elegant Flower Mooncake - mooncake with wedge cut out on chopping board

While I haven’t carried on many Asian traditions in my own household, sharing mooncakes is something I’ll definitely keep on doing.

Especially if they’re as cute as these mini-mooncakes:

Hong Kong Elegant Flower Mooncake - mini mooncakes

This 8 piece box of assorted mini-mooncakes is the perfect kit for throwing your very own mooncake tea party! Don’t you love the colours? Fillings include pineapple, green tea, strawberry, taro, red bean, and the classic white lotus.

Hong Kong Elegant Flower Mooncake - mooncake tea party platter with different colours and flavours

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Ten lucky winners will each receive one box of the assorted mini-mooncakes (RRP $35)!

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Good luck!

P.S. If you can’t wait for the competition and want some mooncakes immediately – head to the Jadeworld Mooncake Carnival on tomorrow at Kogarah Carss Bush Park, or the Cabramatta Moon Festival on this Sunday and look out for the Elegant Flower Brand mooncake stalls!

Jennifer Lam

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