Most foodies have a pair of “eating pants” or an “eating dress”. These
pieces of clothing are tremendously forgiving around the waistline and
are perfect for excessively indulgent periods of eating. Admittedly, a decent ratio of my wardrobe consists of these eating pants and eating dresses. I’m
rarely found in a bandage dress and I don’t own a single piece of
shapewear underwear or Spanx! I value comfort too much and I like to be ready to eat 24/7. You never know when a feast is to be had!

However, Berlei recently introduced a new Dig
Free product to their hosiery range which is designed without a front
seam and with a smoothing waistband. The Dig-Free range is less
heavy-duty than Spanx and offers that extra level of support without
constraining the body. I’ve always hated the idea of fat being squished
and pushed to odd places so this seems to be a good middle ground!

In the spirit of being my “indulgence” sponsor, they invited me to go on a date night wearing a pair of Dig Free leggings!
There’s also a chance for you to win your very own indulgent date night – just
scroll down for the competition details!

Berlei dig free competition - win a cheat night

So as the weather has gotten cooler and it has become too silly to venture out on a
chilly night with bare legs, I rather enjoyed the warmth and disguised tummy-tucking support of my Dig Free leggings! I even had a Sex and The City moment where I thought I was tricking my body into thinking it was thinner, ha!

I chose 4Fourteen as the destination for my indulgent date night because I
have been wanting to try everything on their menu since they first

4Fourteen, Surry Hills - pigs ears, oysters, chicken wings, mussels
Freshly shucked Clair De Lune oysters ($4 each); chicken wing with parfait, tortilla and apple chutney ($7.50); pigs ear toast with smoked potato ($14); mussels with salted fish and batlow apple cider sauce ($29)

Stepping in, we’re immediately warped into the rhythm
of the open kitchen and my Dig Free leggings and I ooze right into the
buzzing vibe.

The menu is designed to share and is conveniently categorized into groups of ‘to nibble’, ‘rolls’, ‘small plates’, ‘large plates’ and ‘salads and starches’.

4Fourteen, Surry Hills -grain salad and decor
Mixed grain salad ($12)

To start, we share some gorgeous Clair De Lune oysters which are served with their lids loosely placed on top. I love the notion of eating oysters this fresh so effortlessly – it’s as though we’re in the wild and the shucking process wasn’t even necessary.

A must-have starter is the chicken wing with parfait, tortilla and apple chutney. The chicken wing is deboned for pleasurable eating; the skin is crisp and the parfait is pure comfort. It was probably designed to be one big mouthful of amazingness but I struggle and awkwardly split it into two very messy bites.

Colin Fassnidge is known for his nose to tail philosophy so we find ourselves intrigued by dishes such as the pigs ear toast. While the ear is coated with a crumbed batter, the texture of the ear is more noticeable than the deep-fried kind. It is soft like pulled pork with the inner layer of cartilage, still offering a light chewy crunch. There’s a dollop of smoky potato sauce on the side which binds the flavours beautifully and leaves you wanting more and more.

We also have the mussels with salted fish and batlow apple cider sauce. These mussels are the biggest I’ve ever seen. In one hand, I’m holding a ginormously plump, juicy and sweet mussel and in the other hand, a wedge of chargrilled sourdough, soaked in the wonderful juices. What an experience!

It is worth noting that the flow of dishes are smoothly timed between
the share plates. There are pauses between ‘courses’ offering just the
right amount of time to digest and crave more.

4Fourteen, Surry Hills -duck egg, pork, fennel flower meringue, pear & apple popsicle
Duck egg with Alaskan crab, asparagus and peas ($22); roast pork with smoked kipflers and rhubarb ($35); fennel pollen meringue with berry granita ($14); spiced vanilla brulee cream with pear & apple popsicle ($14)

On the home stretch, we’re served the mixed grain salad which is a wholesome mix of things such as quinoa, pine nuts, almonds, pumpkin seeds and puffed rice; a breakfast style dish of a sunny-side up duck egg with crab, asparagus, peas, watercress, and cos lettuce which is delicate and fresh in all the right ways; and the roast pork with smoked kipfler potatoes and rhubarb which pushes me right to the edge! The succulent roast pork paired with the tangyness of the rhubarb and the complex flavours of kale is divine. If only I weren’t so full already. We could have done without one dish but looking back, it’s hard to say which I would knock out!

For dessert, my fennel pollen meringue is fragrant and sharp – the berry granita accentuates the floral notes of the meringue. The daily popsicle is also hard to turn down. Today’s is pear and apple, served with a spiced vanilla brulee cream with a nutty crumble.

We definitely chose the right restaurant for an indulgent date night!


414 Bourke Street, Surry Hills, NSW

Phone: (02) 9331 5399


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Win the ultimate date night

Thanks for Berlei’s new Dig Free hosiery range, you have the opportunity of winning your very own ultimate date night! This could be a restaurant dinner for two, plus limo transfers, one night’s stay in a hotel and a Berlei Dig Free product! Valued up to $1000!

To enter the competition, leave a comment on this post, answering the competition question:

What is the secret to your “eating” outfit?

Note: Competition closes Friday 24 May 2013 at 5pm AEST. This competition is running across multiple blogs and one lucky winner will be selected on Wednesday 29 May, 2013 before 6pm (AEST).

Please refer to the full terms and conditions.

This post is sponsored by Berlei. Opinions are my own.


  1. In addition to my body shape wear/leggings comment previously. I would also wear slightly loose mid dress so they won’t notice my big tummy!

  2. I’ve been wanting to eat at 4Fourteen for the longest time, so good on you for choosing it to be the location for your date night.
    If I know I’m eating a feast, I avoid wearing jeans, skirts and anything tight fitting (you can’t hide the belly). Instead I generally prefer to wear flowy dresses and now that its winter, tights and a nice long-ish top (avoid peplums!). It does the trick most of the time.. for me anyways ๐Ÿ˜‰ IT really is comfort at its best.

  3. An empire line dress has always been the way to go. Not tight on the waist and covers a bloated belly. Avoid: Tight pants, figure hugging dresses and anything waisted. I’ve always struggled in winter as stockings are always so uncomfortable underneath a dress so Berlei certainly has my fix.

  4. This is on my list! Can’t wait try it out! Love how they try not waste meat produce here. Every part gets utilised.
    MC Hammer/parachute pants I reckon is the best eating outfit! It’s loose, it’s funky, it’s retro and you can shout out “Hammer time” before you dive into your food.

  5. The tiny human growing in my belly allows me to wear stretchy waist maternity jeans without feeling guilty…. I can eat till my hearts content and not have to undo the top button!!! (not that there is a button) But hooray for fat pants & fab food.

  6. Jen, you are so little that I cannot imagine you having to use shapewear at all.
    I loved my meal at 4Fourteen — I want to go back but just…haven’t! I had the pigs tail on my visit — the other end to your ear.
    I don’t have “an eating outfit” per se…my entire wardrobe is “an eating wardrobe”. I kid you not. In summer loose dresses — never skirts or pants as they’ll crush your tummy the minute you look at food. In winter I add leggings to the mix – underneath MORE loose dresses. I’m actually intrigued by these “no dig” tights as I wear leggings but need to find some tights…with feet.

  7. I don’t have an eating outfit – I’m not that much of a foodie, it seems! However, because I mostly cook and eat at home, I have particular outfits I like to wear while cooking/eating. For comfort, I love loose, flowing dresses or pants/shirt, and for sexy/awesome, I wear black stilettos and cut-off shorts. Everything’s more fun with stilettos. Bonus points if they’re my Manolos.

  8. It’s all about the heels to show off the legs & distract from the changing physique after the delicious meal. Besides wearing heels, a black dress that doesn’t hug at the stomach & may be a little more showy of the ‘assets’ is another suggestion depending on who your dinner date is :p….so you can still pull of sassy while enjoying an amazing meal ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Ooh 4Fourteen has been on my list for ages and it looks way good!
    Hehe my secret eating clothes consist of two things: high waisted skirts and leggings! High waisted skirts will hide your stomach growing from your food baby and leggings will stretch as you do ๐Ÿ˜› Just make sure to hide with a loose flowy top!

  10. This might not be conventional, but when I’m going out for a feast, I like my outfit to be waisted and loose on the lower half eg peplum tops, a belted dress with draped lower half, or tulip skirts. Wearing a top/dress with a clearly defined waist means that you can still wear something fitted up top, but also hide your food baby at the same time! Just remember to loosen the belt one notch haha.

  11. I don’t have any shapewear, maybe I need one. LOL ๐Ÿ˜‰ I usually just wear loose flowing top to hide my belly and skirt with elastic wasit for the expanding waistline. That way you can eat in comfort and don’t have to unbutton or unzip pants/skirts etc.. I also have my big giant mama undie on ๐Ÿ˜‰ Yes I am becoming quite the Auntie.. I need help ;)must stop eating!

  12. Now that the weather’s getting colder it’s the perfect excuse to wear baggy jumpers in order to hide any winter blubber or food baby after a big meal. My go-to “eating” outfit is always a stylish, baggy top or jumper that’s long enough to cover the rear, and leggings. The outfit can be jazzed up with accessories or paired with sexy heels/boots to make one feel more girly ๐Ÿ™‚ although truth be told, after a huge yummy meal we’ll be waddling like penguins either way!

  13. My “eating” outfit is any kind of empire dress, so nothing restricts my belly area — it allows for stomach expansion and hiding said stomach expansion ๐Ÿ˜› I also like wearing comfortable shoes so I can walk it off afterwards, haha.

  14. If I was lucky enough to win this date night. I would wear a loose Empire line dress teamed with Berlei’s new dig free hosiery will enable me to eat the whole menu and hide it well! I can’t wait to try the dig free hosiery!

  15. My “eating” outfit is my pyjamas! I love it when we have a big big feast (with endless amounts of food) at home cause then i can wear loose shirts and elastic trousers. If only i could wear them out.. hehe

  16. What an indulgent meal at 4Fourteen you guys had, I love Fassnidge’s nose to tail philosophy and those pig ears toast looks very intriguing! (I love pig ears!)
    My eating outfits are nice flowy dresses that aren’t tight around the sternum down or jeans with a flowy top that covers the top part of my hips so if I ever over-indulge and need to unbutton my jeans I can do so without anyone noticing lol

  17. If your planning on a feast you need some help to hide the beast,
    compression tights dont make the cut because they squeeze around your gut.
    But do not fear you’ll still look hot with dig free leggings Berli’s got!
    Finally theres some relief for all those tummys causing greif.
    It would be nice to have some room, after all that food you will consume,
    just team it with a floaty dress and youll be dressing to impress!

  18. My secret outfit for a delicious feast are fat pants hehe! Comfy and stretchable so I get to eat my better half’s dessert (I tend to have a faster metabolism than he does, plus he needs to decrease his sugar intake).
    I avoided wearing pantyhose under dresses as they gave me muffin tops, so I’m keen to try these shape wear magic leggings!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. i have a blue chiffon dress with a elastic waist that i wear to semi formal events because it is comfortable and stretchy without losing its shape, flauting all the right curves. this dress would need the berlei digfree leggings this winter!

  20. For a big occasion like a wedding for buffet I will wear an evening dress which will allow me enough room for food (and drinks!) without making me look bloated or feel uncomfortable. For instance, my favourite red dress which is attention grabbing that is tight around the bust and flows down beyond that. Always a good choice to look good, eat well and feel confident.

  21. Bahahahaha! I TOTALLY have an eating outfit! My secret is a pair of stretchy skinny jeans. They look tight but have a lot of give in the belly region, and I always wear it with a chic flowy top and blazer. The flowy top allows for bloat, and the blazer gives my a skinny waist haha.

  22. Black clothing… Not only it isย CHICย (at all times), it hides a multitude of sins and last but not least, you can’t see that red wine stain on it ;pย  You’ve heard that saying… ‘Once you go black, you never go back’! lol


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