The last time I attempted an all-you-can-eat mussels event was back in 2009, with fellow food bloggers Billy of A Table For Two, Simon of The Heart Of Food and Richard of Here Comes The Food! Can you believe that was 4 years ago!? How much has the food blogging scene in Sydney changed since then!

I’m not sure why or when Bungalow 8 removed it from their menu, but all that matters, is that it’s back!

On every Tuesday from 5pm, $32.50 per person, will get you as many pots of Kinkawooka mussels as you like!

Sweet, soft, and robust, these South Australian black shelled mussels come in a choice of three flavours:

  • Tomato, lemongrass and ginger
  • White wine with smoky bacon and chives
  • Laksa with sweet corn, coriander and crispy shallots

Normally priced at $27.50 per pot, this is definitely great value for money if you have a big appetite!

All you can eat mussels at Bungalow 8 on King Street Wharf

It’s rather loud indoors so I’m glad we’re directed outside. Despite the rain, the outdoor space is well covered and the heater above keeps us toasty all night. Bare wooden tables, wicker furnishings and lush bamboo plants set the scene of tropical paradise.

All you can eat mussels at Bungalow 8 - tomato and lemongrass

My favourite flavour from the three would have to be the tomato, lemongrass and ginger. It’s fresh, nourishing and so fragrant. The broth is gorgeous and a lot of care seems to have gone into steaming the mussels right. Plump, juicy flesh with a succulent taste of the sea, the light tomato soup and aromatics enhances the experience.

While I’m tucking into the tomato flavour, and mopping up every bit of broth possible, with the crusty bread, Zen is devouring the white wine flavour. I try a few mussels but the promise of smoky bacon falls flat on my expectations as the bacon isn’t quite smoky enough to create those complex flavours we think about when it comes to the white wine and bacon combination. The cream coats the mussels well, maybe a little too well, as the delicateness of the mussels get lost along the way.

All you can eat mussels at Bungalow 8 - cream, white wine and bacon

I’m much happier with the laksa flavour. The beautiful mussels are bathed in a subtly spicy broth and topped with plentiful sweet corn. There’s no sign of the crispy shallots it mentions, but the fresh coriander adds life to the pot.

All you can eat mussels at Bungalow 8 - laksa and sweet corn

Although complimentary sides of bread and butter are provided, I desperately seek out some side dishes to balance the meal.

The steamed seasonal veggies ($8) consist of green beans, broccoli, zucchini and carrot. They’re unfortunately dosed with a little too much peanut oil for me to feel healthy. Thankfully, the fries with chipotle mayo ($9.50) chase down the mussels well.

In total, we manage two pots of mussels each. The tomato, lemongrass and ginger flavour is undoubtedly our favourite and is ordered twice. How I managed three pots back in 2009, I have no idea!

All you can eat mussels at Bungalow 8 - side dishes of fried with chipotle mayo and seasonal vegetables, complimentary bread,

All you can eat mussels is $32.50 per person; available every Tuesday from 5pm.


Bungalow 8
King Street Wharf
3 Lime Street, Sydney NSW
Phone: (02) 9299 4660

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Jenius dined as guests of The Keystone Group


  1. I’ve been told many times about all-you-can-eat mussels…like that episode of the Simpsons with Homer at the buffet though, I’m afraid I’ll eat everything that the restaurant could offer me!


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