To celebrate the launch of the new additions to the Tefal Heritage range, I was recently invited to cook with award-winning chef and Tefal ambassador, Guillaume Brahimi!

If you haven’t heard already, Guillaume will be leaving the Sydney Opera House at the end of the year, so this experience at Guillaume at Bennelong was definitely once in a lifetime!

Much like my wardrobe, I always say it’s worth investing in a few classic designer pieces. Practical and durable, these new Tefal Heritage additions are under $200 each and would make the perfect housewarming or wedding gift! Having quality basics really does set the foundation for a chic outfit or cooking restaurant-quality effortlessly at home.

Guillaume Brahimi and Tefal Heritage at Guillaume at Bennelong

Guillaume comments, “I have grown up using Tefal cookware and what I love about the brand is that it inspires the everyday chef. I have created these new recipes to highlight the benefits of using quality cookware in the kitchen and show that you too can prepare delicious, healthy meals in the home. It is with Tefal pots and pans that I have gone from cooking at home to cooking in some of the best restaurants in the world.”

Guillaume Brahimi and Tefal Heritage

The advanced technology of the ‘Thermo-Spot’ tells you when the pan is at 180 degrees – the perfect temperature to start cooking. The ‘Thermo-Spot’ takes the guess work out of cooking and allows you to cook like a chef in your own home.

We’re split into teams; the first group prepares scallops with artichoke and balsamic beurre noisette. I have a terrible habit of over-cooking scallops but the Tefal Heritage Grill Pan here seems to be making all the difference.

Guillaume instructs the team to heat the pan over high heat. Once the pan has reached 180 degrees, the writing on the Thermo-Spot disappears so you know the temperature is ready to go. Add oil, cook scallops until golden brown on one side (approx 40 seconds) then flip them over and cook for a further 10 seconds. That’s all that is required.

scallops with artichoke and balsamic beurre noisette

The next group prepares a rib eye of beef with crispy kipfler potatoes and horseradish cream. The meat is seasoned with olive oil, half a bunch of thyme, some bay leaves and half a head of garlic. It is sealed on the stove-top then finished off in the oven for 15 minutes on each side. The beauty of having these Tefal pieces is being able to throw them into the oven without worrying about plastic handles or whatnot!

rib eye of beef with thyme, bay leaves and garlic on Tefal Heritage grill pan

The fragrance from searing this rib eye was incredible! Isn’t it amazing what 5 ingredients can produce if you do it well?

The potatoes are then tossed in duck fat, batons of speck, garlic and parsley.

rib eye of beef with crispy kipfler potatoes and horseradish cream

It’s time for dessert and I’m paired with the lovely Nikki from Bellamumma. We undoubtly have the easiest task of serving roast pineapple with coconut sorbet.

roast pineapple with coconut sorbet

The sorbet has been prepared in advance so it’s just a matter of pan frying the pineapples in caramel and plating up.

Hosting a dinner party should be this easy.

Roast Pineapple with Coconut Sorbet

Tefal Heritage Recipe from Guillaume Brahimi

Serves 4

1 x pineapple- peeled and cored then sliced into 1.5 cm think slices
1 x vanilla bean- scraped
30g clarified butter
100g caster sugar
1TB dark rum

1200ml good quality coconut milk
300ml sugar syrup
300g glucose

Make the sorbet (preferably the day before) by bringing the sugar syrup and glucose to the boil over medium high heat. Add the coconut milk and mix. To combine, pass through a fine sieve then churn according to manufacturer’s instructions.

In a Tefal Heritage 26cm Frying Pan, melt clarified butter over medium high heat. Add pineapple slices and cook on both sides until golden brown and slightly soft in the middle.

Remove pineapples from pan, wipe clean, then add sugar, return pan to medium heat and allow to melt. When caramel is brown, place the pineapple back into pan. Add rum, vanilla seeds and cook for five more minutes.

Place pineapple slice on plate. Top with caramel/ rum sauce and a scoop of coconut sorbet.

roast pineapple with coconut sorbet recipe by Guillaume Brahimi and Tefal Heritage

Jennifer Lam of Jenius and I Ate My Way Through and Guillaume Brahimi

Since the masterclass, the Tefal Heritage Grill Pan has become a key member in my home kitchen. I’ve butterflied and grilled large banana prawns and served it with a whole roasted cauliflower, we’ve grilled wagyu steaks like pros, and even grilled chilli and garlic prawn skewers and served it with grilled potatoes and a simple fennel and orange salad.

Tefal Heritage Grill pan

Tefal Heritage Pot Roast

The Tefal Heritage Grill pan $159.95 and the Tefal Heritage Pot Roast $199.95 are available exclusively at Myer stores. For more information on the Tefal Heritage cookware range, go to

JENIUS dined at Guillaume at Bennelong and received a Tefal Heritage Grill Pan with compliments of Hausmann Communications and Tefal Heritage


  1. What a fantastic experience!
    Once I heard Guillaume at Bennelong was closing, I got in and made a reservation as quickly as I could. I’m glad that I’ll get the opportunity to dine there before its gone!


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