My family and I used to be big fans of Auburn Chinese Restaurant. We didn’t mind their no-frills approach and often happily walked into the kitchen to fetch ourselves tea or top up our own rice. They served generous portions of classic dishes such as combination fried rice noodles, mud crab and XO sauce vermicelli claypots, and Shandong chicken. But we returned once, to discover that there was something missing. The salt and pepper pork ribs were missing its pizzazz; the seafood hotpot felt flat. Ownership had changed and left a gaping hole for a cheap and cheerful Chinese restaurant with fantastic value for money.

Chinese feast at Yong Feng Chinese restaurant Riverwood

Then by chance, I learned that the previous owners had expanded their enterprise to two restaurants! One, being Yong Feng Chinese Restaurant in Riverwood. I’ll share the second one in another blog post 😉

I’ve dined here several times now. The first time felt like a reunion with a long lost family member. We saw their familiar faces and instantly begun ordering our old favourites by memory. The Shandong chicken was crisp and tender and the vinegar dressing really hit the spot; the mountain of braised lobster with e-fu noodles was a glorious sight.

Braised lobster, salt and pepper pork ribs, steamed abalone at Yong Feng Chinese Restaurant

They also seem to have picked up their game, launching into another league of Chinese restaurants. Now alongside the hearty home-style dishes, are delicacies such as deep-fried crispy quail and cod cooked two ways. Of course my parents devour the entire quail head, leaving nothing behind. The steamed baby abalone and salt & pepper pork ribs also get my seal of approval.

Crispy quail, pipis with xo sauce and vermicelli, cod stir fry with snow peas, Shandong chicken

The restaurant isn’t very suitable for couples, almost all the tables in this small room are designed for 8+. Bring the family or a group of friends, have a feast and enjoy the leftovers for lunch the next day.

Yong Feng Chinese Restaurant in Riverwood, interior photo

Yong Feng Chinese Restaurant
274 Belmore Rd, Riverwood NSW
Phone:(02) 9533 6800

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