Posted November 28, 2013 by Jennifer Lam in Australia / QLD

Photo Diary: Airlie Beach Markets

As the name suggests, Airlie Beach Market is held along the esplanade on the Airlie Beach foreshore. With a fantastic array of locally grown fruit and veg, souvenirs, art, handcraft and more, it’s a great spot for a leisurely wander.

Here’s what I saw:

Plants, Airlie Beach Markets
Plants for your kitchen garden including okra, leek, white apple cucumber, long white cucumber, Lebanese cucumber, squash, Japanese pumpkin, zucchini, capsicum, green beans, celery, mini white cabbage, sugar cane, raddish, Chinese broccoli, carrots and more!

Jams, Airlie Beach Markets
Homemade pickles, chilli, chutneys, relishes and jams

Fruit salad, Airlie Beach Markets
Gorgeous fruit salads

Chopping boards, Airlie Beach Markets
Cutting boards made from Australian rainforest timber

Whitsunday beefalo, Airlie Beach Markets
Beefalo (a cross breed of domestic cattle and American bison) and Whitsunday Berkshire pork

Homemade, Airlie Beach Markets
Old world favourites including homemade rosella cordial, passionfruit syrup, passionfruit butter and rosella jam

hammocks, Airlie Beach Markets
Beautiful hammocks

Kale and Asian greens, Airlie Beach Markets
Freshly picked kale, silverbeet and other vegetables

Bowen mango sorbet, Airlie Beach Markets
Bowen mango sorbet

Snow cones, Airlie Beach Markets

Coconut products, Airlie Beach Markets
Organic coconut beauty and health products

Stalls, Airlie Beach Markets
Summer is here

Jervoise organic meats, Airlie Beach Markets
Jervoise organic meats

Pineapples, Airlie Beach Markets
Truckloads of fresh pineapples

By the beach, Airlie Beach Markets
Market stalls right by the water

BBQ meats, Airlie Beach Markets
Meats on the spit

Lesser ginger, Airlie Beach Markets
Lesser ginger, also called rhizome

lucky dip, Airlie Beach Markets
Kids lucky dips

Jenny's sausage rolls, Airlie Beach Markets
Jenny’s famous sausage rolls

Veggies, Airlie Beach Markets
Homegrown garlic chives, coriander, shallots, lettuce, mints and more

Green beans, shallots, chilli, bean sprouts, Airlie Beach Markets
Beansprouts, beans,…

Sprouts, Airlie Beach Markets
Various types of sprouts

Airlie Beach Market
Along the Esplanade, Airlie Beach foreshore
Every Saturday, 7am – 1pm

For further information, visit tourismwhitsundays.com.au

Jennifer Lam

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