Buying a Christmas gift for the foodie in your life can be a rewarding yet daunting task. The staggering array of goods and gadgets can be so overwhelming that you may feel like simply grabbing a pair of novelty oven mitts and hoping for the best. But never fear, here is your fail-safe gift guide, conveniently broken down by personality type and budget to take the scary decision making off your hands. Your foodie is guaranteed to be happy with one of these useful yet unique gifts.

The Person Who Has Everything
For the less economically endowed: Yumwick Edible Cupcake Candle ($7.99 each)

The Person Who Has Everything is no doubt sick of receiving endless scented candles from uninspired gift givers. However we are willing to bet they’ve never received anything as exciting as these delicious edible candles. Grab a few of these edible candy cupcake candles made of smooth Belgian Chocolate for a guaranteed original gift.

For The Big Spender: Hot Pot BBQ ($124)

Christmas gift guide, hot pot bbq

Sure, this person has everything but the one thing they are probably lacking is what all Sydney-siders covet-space. Give them the priceless gift of space efficiency with this remarkable portable charcoal grill that looks like a terra cotta pot and hides under a small herb garden. Even those with the smallest apartment or balcony can now have their own BBQ complete with fresh herbs.

Super Mum
For the Thrifty Gifter: Goddess Milk Chocolate Bar from Zokoko ($10)

Spoil this hard working goddess with a bar of Australian artisan chocolate which is handmade from the raw beans to create high quality chocolate. It’s scientifically proven that chocolate reduces stress hormones in addition to tasting delicious, so this treat is bound to help her unwind.

For the Big Spender: Majestic High Tea and Champagne For 2 ($130)

Take breakfast in bed to the next level and treat your yummy mummy to a High Tea with vintage champagne in the richly opulent surroundings she deserves. Volunteer to babysit for a few hours for extra thoughtfulness points.

Health Nut
For the Frugal Marketeer: Vegan Soap Pack from Seventh Tree Soaps ($10)

These natural, handmade and vegan soaps (coincidentally made by our Cabramatta food tour guide!) are bound to be a hit with any health conscious friend you may have. They are not only healthy for your skin and the environment but also come in unique food-centric flavours like nettle and lemongrass.

For the Prolific Patron: Phillips Airfryer ($199)


This appliance is the ultimate cheat to healthy eating; allowing you to finally eat crispy fried food without the guilt. This is what your health conscious friend has been dreaming of all their life, whether they know it or not. We’ve even conducted a full review of the Air Fryer possibilities.

Buy Online at:

For the Cash Conscious: Bento Lunch Box ($31.34)

Christmas GIft Guide Bento Box

Put an end to carrying lunch in those embarrassing plastic bags that still contain mysterious receipts, crumbs and assorted flotsam. These plastic abominations do little to preserve their users’ dignity, let alone their food. Any food lover who works in an office will appreciate the value of a stylish, mature and well-designed lunch box which will allow them to enjoy their well-preserved lunch with pride.

For those with deep pockets: iKettle ($160)


This is the ideal gift for smartphone addicts and those who are simply too busy to watch a pot, waiting for it to boil. (Because we all know such pots may in fact never boil…) iKettle links up with the user’s smartphone via their home wifi, allowing them to boil the kettle from any room in the house. Instead of whistling annoyingly, it sends a civilised message straight to your smartphone when it’s ready. This friendly fellow even welcomes you home by asking if you’d like to pop the kettle on! What’s not to love about this time efficient, techno-savvy gift?
Available for pre-order (released in December)

The Do It Yourselfer
For the Budgeting Benefactor: Mushroom Growing Kit ($35.50)

Give your DIY enthusiast everything they need to grow their own fungi. Not only will they save money and have the freshest possible mushrooms on tap at all times, they will also get that little shiver of DIY pleasure every time they use their very own fresh produce.

For The Well to Do: Artisans Cheese Making Kit ($179.95)


What could be more enjoyable than eating cheese? For the DIY-er it’s eating cheese they’ve made with their own two hands! This kit contains everything they need to get them started on a new and rewarding DIY adventure which is bound to reap epicurean rewards.

For The Prudent Purchaser: 4 Coastergram Coasters ($19.80)


The hipster is infamously difficult to buy for, eschewing many popular and convenient gifts for fear of conventionality. However hipsters all have a soft spot for sharing their artistic snaps on Instagram, creating food and travel pictures worthy of framing. Give their artistic endeavours the respect they deserve by turning them into coasters where they will be free to exhibit their genius to all who pass by.

For The Reckless Spender: Bicycle Wine Rack with $100 Wine Voucher ($129.95)

wine rack

Every self-respecting hipster knows that the best way to get around is on a bicycle. However, with the hipsters’ love of wine, comes the dilemma of how to transport it safely and securely. The bicycle wine rack solves these problems by providing a secure and unique way of transporting wine. Of course it would be cruel to give somebody a wine rack without a voucher allowing them to fill it with their favourite hipster blend.

Alternatively..Handmade Skipping Girl Tote ($120)

These handmade Australian tote bags are woven from re-purposed fishing twine and are bound to mark their lucky owners as individuals. Amongst the quirky retro prints are Cherry and Martini so that your hipster friend can advertise their love for food (or alcohol) everywhere they go, but in the hippest way possible.

For the sparing spender: Test Tube Tea Infuser ($11.95 + $9.64 Shipping)

Novelty tea infusers simply never get old and this geeky test tube variation is no exception. Geeks often pride themselves on being different and this science themed accessory is sure to stand out and make a statement about its user. Tea making is a science of its own after all…

For Mr Moneybags: R-Evolution Molecular Cooking and Cocktail Making Kit ($150)


This amazing new style of cooking combines scientific and culinary methods to create unbelievable foods such as fruit juice caviar and spaghetti made out of tomato soup. Using innovative scientific methods such as spherification, gelification, and emulsification, your geeky friend will see cooking in a whole new light. This two in one kit also includes a Molecular Cocktail kit which creates out of this world cocktails such as; cocktails in a bubble that give an explosion of flavour when placed in the mouth, a cocktail that has suspended caviar balls of flavour and even cocktails that resemble foams or jellies. This has got to be the geekiest but also the most interesting way to cook and create and will make a great gift for those who are rather experimental.

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