New Year hangover cures

The light starts to stream through the window and your eyes flutter open, you take a minute to understand what is happening. Why do I feel like someone just hit me over the head? Oh, that’s right, it is 2014. Let’s face it, we all try and beat the hangover but it is inevitable, especially on New Year’s Day.

We thought we would help a foodie out and explore the many options out there to try and kick the hangover and start 2014 in a somewhat cheery manner.

I would like to start with a word of caution, if you are reading this with a hangover, some of my newly discovered remedies may make your stomach churn… Ready?

#1 Raw eggs? Yeah, no thanks. Apparently this is believed to work because eggs are chock full of hardworking amino acids like cysteine . Cysteine breaks down acetaldehyde, the yucky headache-causing chemical that’s left over when the liver breaks down ethanol.

#2 Sweat it out! Working up a sweat is somewhat of a myth but studies show that exercise can boost your mood and subsequently make you sweat more and burn a few more calories.

#3 Do it European style and cook up some pickled herring. They are believed to restore lost electrolytes. You may soon have bigger issues than the headache and find yourself in a battle to keep it down!.

#4 Cucumber Juice. According to the Russians, it is that simple. Cucumbers contain enough sugar, B vitamins and electrolytes to replenish many essential nutrients, reducing the intensity of the hangover.

#5 The Mexican remedy for a hangover sounds palatable, but you need to have the stomach for it. That is, boiled tripe. I never had a stomach for stomach!

If these are too daring for you right now, you can always stick to the golden oldies:

#6 Greasy food- if your stomach can handle it, this is a great option. Fatty food can help prevent the alcohol from being absorbs into the stomach lining and blood stream

#7 Toast, is personally my favourite option. The reason it works so well is because it is a bland carb that raises blood sugar without upsetting the stomach.

#8 Alcohol– what’s that saying? If you can’t beat them, join them. Same applies for alcohol; avoid the hangover by getting drunk again.

#9 Sunglasses– ok, so they may not cure the hangover. But they will greatly help both your dignity when stepping outside and easing the headache.

#10 Soup– Chicken soup is my preferred option, but any type of soup will do the trick!

If all else fails, water and sleep is a must.

Happy New Year!


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