Does Sydney really need another bakery and cafe? According to the folks at newly opened The Dough Collective, the answer is yes.

They seem to have found themselves an interesting gap in the market where customers can go before work for a decent Single Origin Roasters coffee and morning breads like The Crown which is filled with cream cheese and condensed milk – then drop by during lunch for savoury breads such as the Japanese Roe Baguette with wasabi and lemon – and in the afternoon, satisfy any sugar cravings with indulgent treats such as Choc-nana. It’s one of their best sellers at the moment and features banana, Belgium chocolate and Guinness beer!

Single Origin Roasters coffee at The Dough Collective

The Dough Collective philosophy

As I joined them behind the scenes in the kitchen, they were quick to promote that their breads are unique in that everything is made from scratch (apparently lots of bakeries all use bulk-buy stuff), and they use hot water to achieve that softness that is common within Asian bakeries. Led by a consultant baker who was flown in from Taiwan, they’re determined to handcraft everything, including the natural yeast, which takes 9 days to ferment.

Behind the scenes - The Dough Collective

Cutting dough - The Dough Collective

Yeast in the making - The Dough Collective

Hand crafted breads - The Dough Collective

Breads made throughout the day - The Dough Collective

There are 58 products on the menu and availability is limited throughout the day. The menu changes approximately every two hour period.

I was most impressed with the decor – check out the bread-inspired tiles and the rolling pin table legs!

The Dough Collective on George Street

I was given free reign to fill a bag with whichever breads I fancied so naturally, I’ve tried quite the selection. There are some intriguing flavour combinations such as the Cheese & Shallot Scones which taste rich and amazing! Then on the flipside, there are some distinct flavours which you’ll either love or hate. Sadly, one particular one I didn’t enjoy was the one we personally handmade ourselves. LOL! It was the Sweet ‘n’ Savoury Ring with cocoa, Belgium chocolate chips, cream cheese and sweet black kidney beans.

On a more positive note, I loved the Chinese Longan Bun with black glutinous rice, dried longan and black sesame, equally delicious was the Tea Bread which I tried on a return visit. This one contained walnuts, raisins, malt and earl grey. The consistent element I noticed throughout all the flavours is that they’re all lightly fragrant in their own way – it’s never overbearingly sweet or salty, although sometimes one too many raisins or cranberries can be found (but I’m personally not fond of having too much fruit in my bread).

Sweet n Savoury Ring: cocoa, belgium chocolate chips, cream cheese and sweet kidney beans

Scones at The Dough Collective

Farlona roll with dried cranberries, The Dough Collective

Swiss chocolate bun, walnuts and belgium chocolate

Chinese goji berry roll, The Dough Collective

Brown sugar mochi roll, The Dough Collective

Ham pizza toast; ham, cream cheese, onion, cracked pepper and salad dressing

Hokkaido azuki toast, The Dough Collective

Chinese longan bun, black glutinous rice, dried longan and black sesame

The Crown, cream cheese and condensed milk

Raisin scones at The Dough Collective

The Dough Collective’s rotating menu and unique flavour combinations are addictive; I’ve already got my eye on the Garlic Twist (garlic sauce, shallots and walnuts), Multi-grain Lychee Roll (dried lychee, walnuts, sliced almonds, black & white sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and rum) and the Choc-Strawberry Heaven (dried strawberries, Belgium chocolate chips and red wine), which will hopefully be on the shelves upon my next bakery run.

The Dough Collective
Shop G5, 614 George Street, Sydney NSW
Phone: (02) 9264 6608

The Dough Collective on Urbanspoon

I Ate My Way Through sampled the products with thanks to The Dough Collective and Polkadot PR


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