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Mother’s Day Gift Guide for Foodies

Grab one of these niche gifts for your foodie mum this mother’s day (or even a few if you’re feeling generous) and hear her sigh of relief as she is spared the predictability of receiving another generic mum gift. E...
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Mug Cake, Cake, Matcha, Mochi, Green Tea
Mug Cake, Cake, Matcha, Mochi, Green Tea
Mug Cake, Cake, Matcha, Mochi, Green Tea

Mug Cake Mondays: 3mins Matcha Mochi Cakes!

Hello Monday! Konnichiwa! Ni hao! Annyeonghaseyo! I must say I’m beginning to enjoy Mondays (just a little) because of our fabulous Mug Cakes! Have a mug? Want some cake? Do it. Asia: Matcha Let’s step back in time to Ancient C...

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National Pretzel Day: The Provenance of Pretzels

We’ve been counting down for months but it’s finally here, the most important day of the year. Yes, that’s right, it’s Pretzel Day. This incredibly important national holiday is one which is often overlooked by much of the fool...

Sardine Farcie recipe from Luke Nguyen’s France

While my childhood was filled with a kaleidoscope of inspired deliciousness, there are a few dishes that still haunt me. Sardines are were one of them. Too often, did my parents prepare a humble Vietnamese sandwich topping made...
Long lunch
The Village, Ladies Lunch
The Village, Ladies Lunch
The Village, Ladies Lunch

The Village: Ladies Lunch

Today is not a Saturday, but don’t you wish it was? The new Ladies Lunch at The Village makes me wish even more that it was a Saturday – a little bit of delicious glamour for the long-awaited weekend. I can honestly say this is...

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Eating around Chicago – Part 1

So you’ve done New York, Las Vegas, San Fran and you’ve seen enough of LA every time you fly in and out of the states. Where do you go next? The city that should be on everyone’s “must see” list that gets relegated to the “next...
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Kangaroo Island Source + Ancient Grain Salad and Lamb Kofta Recipes

In search of Kangaroo Island’s finest eats, I found myself at Kangaroo Island Source in Penneshaw, a township on the northeast coast of the Dudley Peninsula. As one of KI’s most produce-driven enterprises, owner/che...

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Mug Cake, Cake, Mocha, Coffee
Mug Cake, Cake, Mocha, Coffee
Mug Cake, Cake, Mocha, Coffee

Mug Cake Mondays: 2mins Mocha Cake!

This week’s tried and tested ‘microwave baking’ recipe is an absolute winner wherever you’re enjoying this public holiday. Africa: Coffee The legend begins with Kaldi, a goat herder from Kaffa, who was h...
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Luke Nguyen’s France

It’s one thing to follow a celebrity chef’s gastronomic adventures on TV, but quite something else to sit with them in person and hear their tales first-hand. With the upcoming launch of TV series Luke Nguyen’...

Cooking classes at the Korean Cultural Office + Recipes for Kimchi Stew and Bulgogi

This has to be one of the best kept secrets in the realm of cooking classes in Sydney. At just $50 each class ($30 for members with membership being just $25) or $180 for 4 classes ($100 for members), the demonstration classes ...