The team at I Ate My Way Through is extremely passionate about supporting sustainable farming and high quality regional produce. We have even developed a food tour called the Sydney Farmgate Tour dedicated to sharing this passion with our readers.

So when we received a copy of The Field Guide to New South Wales Produce we were incredibly excited to crack it open and pore over its beautiful colour drenched pages. The book is the perfect guide to the increasingly popular ‘locavore’ trend which involves only eating food sourced from within a 100 mile radius of where you live. It also doubles as the ultimate travel guide for foodies. Instead of explaining things that anybody can work out themselves like public transport, hotels and shopping, this visually stunning book compiles otherwise impossible to find information about food growers and providers.


It was written not for idle perusal but for real concrete use by chefs, restaurateurs, cooks, locally minded consumers and serious culinary tourists. It basically offers the resources necessary to bridge the gap between producer and consumer allowing everybody access to that difficult to find information about where to get good quality local food and how to support local industry.


The structure of the book is completely unique as it is the first of its kind, but it manages to present an absolutely massive tome of information in an easy to use and visually pleasing format.

It starts off with an editor’s pick of where to get the best cheese, coffee, truffle, meats and other artisan goods. The books researchers have scoured the whole of NSW to find the best places to get the goods, allowing the reader to eat like an expert insider.


The next section goes through each region of NSW and gives an outline of the best farm stays, farmers markets, restaurants and shops to visit as well as an in depth interview with a professional from the area who explains the produce of the region and gives insider information about must have experiences and products. This section serves as a guide for locally minded consumers as well as providing fantastic ideas for culinary tourists which would impossible for them to discover on their own.


The rest of the book is a dedicated produce directory broken down into growers, producers and providers and explaining the background and philosophy of each one.



Essentially this book has done all the hard work of discovering the truth about where our food comes from. It’s a must have for anyone interested in regional produce, sustainable farming or transparency in the food system. The most important quality of this book is that every grower and producer is included based solely on their merit, as nobody has paid to be featured in the book. This book uniquely provides a completely independent and honest food directory which values quality, sustainability and provenance above all else.

To order a copy of The Field Guide to New South Wales ($25) or to check stockists, visit

If you’re interested in the locavore trend and want to discover and support local growers and producers near you, why not come along on one of our Farmgate Tours where you can get acquainted with the amazing fresh food produced right at your doorstep.


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