Today I thought I’d share with you one of my favourite places to eat in Newtown. I’ve eaten from here countless times, so I’m going to give you a cumulative rather than a one off review. Pie Tin Newtown is basically a small slice of heaven amongst the boring and often overpriced restaurants which line the top end of King Street. It is located on Brown Street, a small unobtrusive little pocket just off King Street.

Having lived in Newtown for a few years now, I’m starting to realise that the best places to eat are located off the main street. This little gem is housed in a heritage listed building with high ceilings and a massive communal table in the centre, making it a homely refuge from the bustling world outside. It’s also located opposite Newtown’s tiny library, so if you’re dining alone you can easily grab a book to keep you company before popping in for a pie.

The pies are all handmade and oversized, packed with hearty wholesome fare, with different flavours popping up every day. The thing I love about the pies is that they’re not just some ambiguous meaty ‘stuff’ plonked inside some pastry ready to be slathered in tomato sauce. On the contrary I like to think of them as meals which have been conveniently and deliciously contained within an edible pastry container. With prices ranging from $5.80 to $7.80, they are definitely more expensive than *shudder* Pie Face and other mass produced brands. However the difference is that eating one of these pies is like eating a whole meal and can definitely fill you up all on its own.

During my tenure as a Pie Tin aficionado I have tried many of these pies and have developed some firm favourites. One of which is the Sunday lamb roast pie, which is precisely a roast dinner in a pie. As well as the chicken, leek and white sauce pie which is so very creamy and comforting at the end of a hard day.
You can also get the pie in a meal deal ranging from $11 to $13 which includes two sides from the massive selection on offer including salads, baked beans, sweet potato mash, mushy peas, and mashed potatoes. I’m sure these are delicious but to be honest I’ve always found that the pie alone was enough to fill me up and I can’t help but notice that most diners tend to eat their pie and leave most of the sides untouched.

If it’s been a particularly grueling day, I might even avail myself of one of the mind blowing sweet pies on offer. Words cannot adequately describe how amazing these sweet slices truly are. There is a mind boggling variety including brown butter pecan, Oreo, Malteser , banoffi coconut cream, sticky date, whipped lime and the famous ‘pie that ate Newtown which is an absolutely massive authentic apple pie. Prices for these slices range from $7.50 to $10.50 but the portions are far from stingy and can happily be shared between two unless you’re really ravenous for sweets.
I’ve seen quite a few reviews of Pie Tin, with many people raving about the deliciousness of the pies; however they have all neglected to mention my favourite thing about the place – the two for one deal! In the last fifteen minutes before they close, all the savoury pies and rolls are 2 for 1. I have taken advantage of this deal countless times and yet the fantastic value never ceases to amaze me. This deal isn’t advertised online, presumably because they don’t want everybody to come in the last fifteen minutes. However the word has spread amongst the students of Newtown and every evening you can see a trail of scruffy students lining up for their cheap but gourmet fare.

Pie Tin really has it all; high quality, good value food, a fabulous location and a visually pleasing interior. Do yourself a massive favour and grab a two for one bargain or a life changing slice of sweet pie next time you’re in the area.

Pie Tin
1a Brown St, Newtowtown
Phone: (02) 9519 7880

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