Where there’s food, there will be hungry people. Which made the Campsie Food Festival a great opportunity for the second I Ate My Way Through Meetup! After the success of the last fried chicken food crawl, we eagerly gathered under the War Memorial Clock tower in Campsie, armed with cameras, cash, and our eating pants.

Campsie Food Festival Meetup

We decided to check out the stalls before deciding on what we wanted to try – so many stalls, so little stomach space. There was truly something from everyone – Indonesian stalls, Korean stalls, Spanish stalls, Tawainese stalls… the works.

From top: Kueh Lapis, Korean Pancakes, Ginger Iced TeaFrom top: Kueh Lapis, Korean Pancakes, Ginger Iced Tea

Badass dude rocking the paella stall


Korean Chilli SquidKorean chilli squid made with pungent kochujang

Japanese Hontou PancakesJapanese Hontou Pancakes, also known as ‘wheel cakes’

Heather Jeong, Korean chef extraordinaire, was demonstrating all types of Korean deliciousness that you can cook at home.

Heather Jeong

And Constable Charlie the police penguin joined our group too!

Charlie the Penguin

But the best part about meeting up with other foodies? The chance to share food, which means you can try EVERYTHING!!!



Some food highlights included the Indonesian ‘Batagor’, which is an abbreviation for Bakso Tahu Goreng. This basically involves white fish paste being stuffed into dried tofu, before being deep fried to a crisp and coated with a rich, chunky peanut sauce.

From top: Korean mixed box, Otak Otak, Mee Chiang KuehFrom top: Korean mixed box, Otak Otak, Mee Chiang Kueh

We also got the Korean mixed box – complete with chilli squid, kimchi, bulgolgi and japchae, all for $9! – Otak Otak – which is a South East Asian fish paste dish, wrapped and grilled in banana leaf – and Mee Chiang Kueh – a South East Asian pancake, usually filled with peanuts, shredded coconut, or a mixture of both. This particular one had chocolate sprinkles on it for some reason, which tasted odd to me but it’s all progress I guess!

Taiwanese Fried Chicken

The Taiwanese fried chicken was also insanely awesome. These chicken pieces had the right ratio of coating to meat, and kept its crunch even when it was cold. I even liked that it was fried in the same oil that had fried prawns – it added an extra facet of flavour that made it so very moreish.

Sometimes, I know I get tunnel vision when faced with a huge variety of food, but I really must say that the best part of the food festival was actually all the awesome foodies that we got to meet. We had conversations about portable bench top wood fire ovens, travelling the world, getting hangry, a love for fried chicken, and general gluttony in kindred spirits.

Thank you to all of you who’ve joined in the gluttony, and I can’t wait to see you at the next one!

If you missed out and want to join future I Ate My Way Through meetups, join here: meetup.com/IAteMyWayThrough

The annual Campsie Food Festival has been running for 15 years! The 2014 festival was held on Saturday 31 May, 10am – 4pm at Beamish Street, ANZAC Mall and ANZAC Park in Campsie. For more information, visit campsiefoodfestival.com.au



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