Knuckle sized pieces of lamb get barbecued over smoking lava rocks Slow-cooked lamb getting browned over lava rocks

What do you get when you combine the founders of gourmet pizza chain Crust and the team behind Pony Dining Group? 

Fast-casual greek dining apparently! 

Zeus Street Greek is a new eatery that’s opened in Drummoyne. It’s taken 18 months to bring this project to fruition, but the Greek owners – all related – wanted to share their love of Hellenic food in a casual dining setting. They make just about everything in-house, from the snowy-white taramasalata, a Greek dip made with lemon juice, garlic and salty fish roe, to the pita, a sturdy Greek flatbread, and the 12-hour slow cooked lamb that is then cooked kontosouvli – a Cypriot method of chargrilling the meat on short skewers. 

Succulent pieces of lamb slow cooked for 12 hours, then browned over lava rocks

The lamb, which is liberally salted and basted with an aromatic lemon dressing, is tender and succulent, with just enough fat left on to impart flavour without leaving a greasy feeling in your mouth. 

Pieces of lamb is laid on pita and seasoned lightly.

This same lamb is used in the creation of their souvla-pitas, where a thick sauce is spread onto their house made pita, before being topped with lamb and salad. This is then artfully rolled into a roll, also known as a gyro (pronounced as “yeero”). 

These are the steps to rolling your own souvla-pita!
Think you know how to roll a souvla pita?

A Zeus souvla pita rolled and ready to eat!

Each roll is great as a light lunch, and fillings include prawn, preserved lemon mayo and honey (Poseidon), pork with slaw and caramelised onion (Papou Niko), and chicken with tomato, tzatziki and chips (Uncle ‘Tzimmy’ Classic). 

From top: Village Salad, Spanakopita, Ancient Grain Salad
From top: Village Salad, Spanakopita, Ancient Grain Salad

Not feeling like a roll? There’s also a range of salads to choose from, as well as dips and sides. 

Trio of dips: Melinzana, Spicy Feta and TaramasalataFrom top: Melinzana, Spicy Feta, Taramasalata

The Ancient Grain Salad – made with raisins, sunflower seeds, lentils, cracked wheat – was fruity and light, and a great accompaniment to the heavier meats. The Spanakopita was crisp and buttery, without being too oily. The cheese added a lovely hit of saltiness and made it very moreish. The Taramasalata was much milder than I expected, but when eaten with hot charred pita bread, was delightful. 


And of course, we couldn’t finish off a meal without dessert! Loukoumades are hot fluffy Greek doughnuts that are soaked in a honey syrup and covered with cinnamon sugar – these were lighter than I expected and were a satisfying finish to a rather large meal. 

Oh, but you don’t think that I’d end this post without talking about the free souvlas do you? On Saturday, 14th June (tomorrow!), you’ll be able to walk into Zeus Street Greek and get a free souvla! With every free souvla served, they’ll donate $2 to Youth Off the Streets, a charity that helps young people who have happened on bad times. 

Zeus Street Greek is open for dinner 7 days, as well as lunch from Thursday through to Sunday. They’ll also deliver within an 8 minute radius, if you don’t feel like venturing out into the winter night. 

Zeus Street Greek
187-189 Lyons Rd, Drummoyne
Phone: (02) 9181 4646

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I Ate My Way Through dined as guests of Zeus Street Greek with thanks to The Cru Media + Communications.


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