“Put some mustard on it.”

 My housemate a while ago insisted that this was a common phrase, and went through a period where he tried to trend it in the household. “It’s not going to happen; stop trying to make ‘put some mustard on it’ happen,’’ we insisted.

Having looked the phrase up, I may secretly admit it is a thing, apparently a common term in baseball; but of course I will never openly admit it to him.

I have since had the chance however, to ‘put some mustard on it.’ Literal mustard.

Maille, one of the oldest brands in the world, has opened their second Australian boutique in the Northern Sydney suburb of Mosman. The mustard boutique is only the fifth one of its kind in the world, and will bring premier brand Maille to Sydney’s palette.

Selection of vinaigrettes and mustards on display in store

Maille began its story in Paris in 1720 with creator Antoine-Claude Maille. His discovery of vinegar and its properties led to the invention of the “Vinegar of the Four Thieves” which was used during the plague to ward off disease through its application to the body.

 In 1747, Maille opened his first boutique on the rue Saint-Andre des Arts in Paris and became official supplier to the court of Louis XV. Maille gained royal approval in Europe, later becoming vinegar-maker to Charles X, supplier to the King of England in 1830, and vinegar maker to King Louis-Philippe in 1836. In 1845, the Maille boutique was opened in Dijon, the home of Dijon mustard. On the 250th anniversary of the opening of the original Paris boutique, Maille opened on the Place de la Madeleine in Paris. In 2013, La Maison Maille opened its first international boutique in London’s Piccadilly, and just a year later came to Australian shores.

Maille mustard jars on display at High Tea

To kick off the opening of its second Australian boutique, Maille hosted a High Tea and intimate mustard tasting with French Mustard Sommelier Elodie Charlotte-Cleria at Mosman’s Boronia Tea Room.

Maille Mustard Sommelier  Elodie Charlotte-Cleria

Elodie led guests through a tasting of the Maille range of mustards. She advises that when tasting mustard, it is important to spread it on a neutral item such as a breadstick. The mustard’s aroma should first be smelled and then begin tasting by touching it with the end of the tongue where it is most receptive.

High Tea table setting

Maille has a large range of mustards and vinegars, with products grouped into varied flavor sections such as citrus and zests, mushrooms and roots, fruits and berries, and spices and condiments. Elodie suggests applications for each type, describing its ideal uses.

Maille mustard tasting selection

Parmesan and Basil is savoury and floursome, and Elodie suggests using it to replace parmesan in meals such as lasagna. With a strong taste but only half the calories of actual parmesan, the substitution is definitely a winner!

Basil and Parmesan mustard and Honey and Balsamic Vinegar mustard

 The delicious Honey and Balsamic Vinegar is perfect for use in barbeques, while in a more surprising application of mustard, Hazelnut and Nutmeg is a great addition to vanilla ice cream and waffles.

Scones and finger sandwich selection

 To showcase the range of Maille mustards was the beautiful high tea menu. A range of finger sandwiches gave a taste of lovely flavours such as Chablis White Wine Mustard paired with rare roast beef and rocket. An assortment of desserts included macarons with Sauternes White Wine Mustard, and my particular favourite, Coconut gelato drizzled with the Passionfruit and Mandarin Vinaigrette. Mustard I go on?

Dessert selection - coconut gelato, mini strawberry tarts, macarons and pistachio polenta slice

The star of the Maille mustard range is the exclusive Chablis White Wine and Black Truffle. The mustard is only available for five months of the year during black truffle season and is an indulgence fresh from the pump that is not to be missed!

Chablis White Wine and Black Truffle Mustard

Lovers of fine mustard rejoice with the opening of the Sydney store. The Mosman location means much easier access to one of the world’s most exclusive condiments. Of course the only way to describe the arrival of the brand on Sydney shelves would be that we’re keen as mustard!

For more information about Maille products, please visit maille.com or the Maille Facebook page.

Ritchies Supermarket
Bridgepoint Shopping Centre, 1-3 Brady Street, Spit Junction NSW

Phone: (02) 9968 1435

Boronia Tea Room
624 Military Rd, Mosman NSW 2088

Phone: (02) 9188 2085
Website: www.boroniatearoom.com.au

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