As food & travel bloggers and tour guides, only a small portion of what we eat/see/do makes it into the spotlight on the blog. The reality is that it takes us countless hours to produce each article and hence many other food and travel related recommendations fall through the cracks. Unless you were a fly on the wall in our office or homes, you normally wouldn’t get to see these recommendations from our everyday lives. In this new monthly series, all I Ate My Way Through staff will be sharing something they’re currently loving.

[quote]Billy Boil thermal cookerThermal cookers are such a sustainable way of cooking.  The idea is that you can slow-cook things without any effort or electricity, requiring only that you bring your food to the boil at the initial stage. This is perfect for busy weeknights where beef rendang, soups or congee can be cooking itself at home while I’m at the office.

The Billyboil Thermal Cooker is a great compact size for small families. As seen in the photo above, I made an amazing chicken & abalone congee recently by simply boiling an abalone (which I happened to have in the freezer, haha), a chicken, half a cup of jasmine rice, a pinch of salt and water. It is then left in the thermal cooker for up to 8 hours or overnight where magic happens!  — Jennifer Lam[/quote]

[quote]Luz Almond Milk is cold pressed, 100% natural activated nut milk and it is utterly delicious. If you are not a fan of cow milk and get sick of drinking soy all the time, Luz almond milk is the perfect alternative. My personal favourite is their Medjool date almond milk; a healthy treat that will hit the spot. — Phoebe Brown

Luz almond milk


[quote] Tea

During the colder months of the year there’s nothing better than wrapping your palms around a hot cup of tea. The White Ginger Pear tea by Tea Forté is the perfect cure for winter day blues, and the ginger might even help kick that lingering cold. Come summer time you can also drink it iced! The packaging makes this tea extra special, with each silk pyramid tea bag individually wrapped.  — Georgia Swanborough[/quote]

[quote]Special K cereal

I’m not a breakfast cereal person, but this is pretty darn good. And with the new super foods like quinoa, bran and chia that they’ve added to the Special K Nourish range, it’s something that I don’t feel guilty eating. — Tammi Kwok[/quote]

[quote]The darker the honey, the more nutrient rich it is. Commercial honey has been filtered three times to remove ‘bees knees’ and pollen, then sterilised. Honey from a local beekeeper is very healthy and natural. Using unprocessed honey can help a multitude of aliments, from a sore throat to a skin cleanser. — Nyla Thomas

Honey from Sydney farms


[quote]The book that rocketed Anthony Bourdain from being a chef to a rock star in the culinary world. It gives you a look into what goes on behind the scenes of the restaurant industry and a look into the man himself. Being an industry insider, I can tell you it is pretty much spot on (he wrote it when he was a chef). For those not in the world of F&B, it will be an eye opener. It has a fantastic pace and should be read by anyone who’s into hospitality and the restaurant game. — David Tang

Anthony Bourdain Kitchen Confidential[/quote]

[quote]My staff pick for the month is Zilch chocolate ice cream. I’m obsessed with ice cream but I try to avoid high-sugar foods as they make me break out. It’s been an ongoing quest over the last few years to find a sugar free ice cream that actually tastes remotely like ice cream. I’ve tried every sugar free ice cream I’ve come across and after years of failure my hopes were low. But when I tasted this one I knew my life would never be the same. I can definitely recommend this to anyone who is looking for a sugar free indulgence. — Grace Smith

Zilch icecream[/quote]

[quote]Jamie Oliver

My pick is Save with Jamie. I do love a bit of Jamie Oliver. The theme of his latest book is ‘shop smart, cook clever, waste less,’ and is all about cooking and eating on a budget. This is not to say flavour and quality is compromised, the recipes are tasty and relatively easy to cook. I love the enthusiasm and character Jamie brings to every project he does and this is no different. I’d recommend ‘Chicken wings Gangnam style’ – they are way better than the song! — Jess Cronin[/quote]

[quote]Five Taste spice pastes

For the foodie mum on the run, decent supermarket spice pastes are hard to come by. I recently stumbled across Five Tastes and can say that this is one of the better ones. It is gorgeously scented with lemongrass, galangal and onion – I also add some finely sliced fresh kaffir lime leaf and toss in whatever vegetables I have in the fridge. It tastes almost as good as the stuff you order at your favourite Thai restaurant – but not as great. — Amy Ta[/quote]

[quote]The virtues of the table

I am thoroughly engrossed in this book my Julian Baggini who has a gift for creating a perfect balance between philosophy and table. It has made me think about food and to reflect on my own notions of aspects such as organic food, animal welfare, globalisation of markets. There is also a recipe at the end of each chapter! Food for mind, soul and body. Highly recommended for anyone who has ever had questions about what they are eating — Teresa George[/quote]



“If you were to fling a scoop of cookie dough in space directly toward the sun, how long would it take the dough to turn into a fully baked cookie? Also, how much would you pay for said space cookie?” Quora. If you haven’t already heard of it, Google’s Quora is the well-dressed and slightly more intelligent cousin that Yahoo Answer’s never had. 

Quora is also a goldmine of food & cooking gems. My personal favourites are ” When I make _____, I always add _____ to make it taste even better. What are your secrets?” & ” What are the best things you have ever baked?” but there are literally millions of other food-related questions which will quite literally revolutionise the way you experience food. Some questions and answers will send you into fits of giggles whilst others will completely change the way you cook. The best thing about it is you can follow a thread & receive updates via the app when a new answer is posted so you will never have to worry about missing out on a new scrambled eggs technique ever again.

Disclaimer: Do not attempt to access Quora if you have an impending deadline, a job or anything related to having a life. It WILL take over. You have been warned. — Sabrine Elkhodr


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Jennifer is the founder of I Ate My Way Through. Growing up in the multicultural melting pot of Sydney’s Inner West as a second generation Australian (of Vietnamese refugee parents of Teochew Chinese ancestry), Jen has always had a deep curiosity about global cuisines, culinary heritage and the cultural assimilation of immigrants. For Jen and her family, food is always at the centre of all celebrations, life events and milestones. A lover of the finer things in life, as well as cheap eats, her blogging ethos is all about empowering and inspiring people to expand their culinary repertoire. These days, you'll most likely find Jen blogging about slow & intentional living On The Slow Lane and sharing what she knows now about mindful parenting and play-based learning at Mama's Got This.



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