If you like food and wine –  and let’s face it, how could you not – you should probably go to the Barossa Valley. The Barossa Homestead made an appearance in Paddington last week, bringing with it all the finest aspects of the region. The hidden gems of the Barossa were tucked away in a cute terraced house in one of Paddington’s leafy streets, in a homestead that paid tribute to the real thing.

Barossa Homestead

Artisans of the region included Barossa Valley Cheese, Tathra Homestead, Hentley Farm, Yalumba and Barossa Valley Ice Cream to name a few. Lachlan Colwill, executive chef at Hentley Farm Restaurant showed his talent for the creative through a few sweet treats. His chocolate and fennel swirls, not only delicious, replicated the Hentley Farm logo.

Chocolate and Fennel swirls

He was happy to chat with visitors to the Homestead about food and wine, and suggest food pairings to the wines available for tasting. His passion for food and creativity is apparent, and would definitely be a reason to visit Hentley Farm. 

Hentley Farm

Leigh Underwood from Hentley Farm demonstrated the range of wine, including The Beast, The Beauty and The Stray Mongrel – a good food wine that combines Grenache, Shiraz and Zinfandel. 

Hentley Farm wines

To taste the best of the Barossa there were displays from artisans. Fresh bread was laid out with olive oil and dukkah from Tathra Homestead, the perfect snack to accompany a glass of wine and a lazy afternoon. There were two mixes, Ethiopian Spiced Dukkah and Almond & Macadamia Dukkah, but both went down well with the extra virgin olive oil. 

Creamy cheeses from the Barossa Valley Cheese Company were paired with Barossa Bark from Barb Buggy’s Barossa Kitchen. The Barossa Bark is an authentic lavosh -a thin flatbread of Armenian origins – and is handcut and rolled to form a random, natural shape. It is named for the strips of bark that come from Barossa blue gums, and is an ideal accompaniment to cheeses, dips and antipasti. 

Barossa Valley Cheese Co

While I have never been to the Barossa, it is easy to get a feel for it in the Paddington terrace. The theme flowed throughout the Homestead, continuing upstairs to the bedroom and lounge area, with its leafy balcony, heavy drapes and fireplace. 

Barossa bedroom

Kellermeister Wines displayed its Threefold Farm range, with the Shiraz, Grenache and Mataro varieties that make up the winery. Susanna Pearce from Kellermeister poured wine from the intricate decanter that almost didn’t get taken because she was afraid to bring it on the plane. I know I certainly wouldn’t want to be responsible for transporting such a delicate creation! 

Kellermeister Wine

Kellermeister Wine

Tasting Kellermeister wine

Barossa Valley is well known for its wine, but with great wine comes great food. And that’s all you need in life, right?

The Barossa Homestead ran from the 8th to the 12th October at 10 Duxford Street, Paddington NSW. For more information, visit www.barossahomestead.floktu.com
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