There is a cow milk alternative on the block, one that is healthier and in my opinion, tastier. If you cannot stomach cow milk and you aren’t the biggest fan of the good ol’ soy, there is no need to fear because Inside Out almond milk is here. Brought to you by young duo, Vuong Nguyen and Anthony Tuong.

Now, I know you are thinking that you’ve heard this before, but Inside Out almond milk is different to any you have had before; the long-life almond milk you find at your local supermarket does not even come close, in terms of health benefits, flavour and product quality.

Inside out almond milk

I put it to the test and recruited our local barista Benito, from the The Little Italian, to whip up a latte using the almond milk and the result were well beyond our expectations. It made for a smooth and creamy coffee with a delicious nutty aftertaste. We were all quite impressed, Benito explained “it is easy to texture and gives the best frothing results compared to any other almond milk available in Australia”. It is however, quite sensitive like soy so when steaming it, keep it just below 55 degrees. If you aren’t a coffee fan, it is also great in smoothies or even straight up as a refreshing drink.

After tasting their almond milk, I wanted to know more about the health benefits of their product and what makes it so unique. I chatted to the masterminds behind Inside Out almond milk and learnt that simple dreams of wanting to meet ‘nice girls’ via a pop-up juice bar can lead to even greater things (would you believe?), like creating a delicious non-dairy product that is not only receiving national recognition but also getting a nod of approval from Sydney’s coffee enthusiasts.
Inside out almond milk

What sparked the idea to create Inside out?

Vuong: Anthony and I are best mates from childhood and wanted have a bit of fun over a summer and possibly meet a nice girl (I wish we were joking) so we decided to set up a juice and smoothie bar at the farmers’ markets. We wanted to offer something different in our smoothies and because I wasn’t feeling soy good about it (pun intended), I went with almond milk because of its nutritional power.

We’re all probably more familiar with almond milk sold in cartons at supermarkets, what’s different about your almond milk?

Vuong: Like what’s not different?! All cartoned stuff is UHT treated, which means they use ultra high temperatures to kill off all nasties. What this also does is diminish the flavour, consistency and nutritional quality of the product and to us that’s a big no-no. To compensate for the heat-induced damage, these products are fortified with additives that are made necessary by UHT. Since we don’t use heat, the product is kept as wholesome as possible – it’s almond milk the way it’s meant to be.

Why do you think no one has sold fresh almond milk as a product before?

Anthony: To make fresh almond milk there’s a lot of care and maintenance that goes into the product and I just don’t think these big processing plants see enough value in that. I guess the UHT stuff appeals to a much larger market, its fit for international export, and so is more profitable for these guys. We’re trying to shake up or change the dynamic of the non-dairy milk market by offering a premium grade version of an existing product.

What is almond milk best used for?

Vuong: Coffee!!! Tea, smoothies, cereal, muesli, tapioca pudding, rice pudding, yogurt… Basically, anything you can use cow’s milk for, you can use our almond milk with. Yes, it’s that versatile.

Almond milk is definitely trending at the moment, where do you think
this is heading?

Anthony: UP?! And not down?! Nah seriously, the non-dairy market is seeing a huge upswing and is projected to only grow over the coming years. Since allergen sensitivity, particularly lactose and gluten is becoming more prevalent, non-dairy growth looks like a lock to me.  Also, health conscious people are becoming more and more aware of the downsides of cow and soy milk and since almond milk is the next alternative, it’s only a natural choice. Lastly, the rise of veganism and vegetarianism and the paleo diet also helps almond milk stay trending.

What business milestone are you most proud of so far?

Vuong and Anthony: First off, there is still a long, long way for us to go before we can be truly proud of our accomplishments. But to answer your question we think things like:

  • Going from hand squeezing the almond mixture to getting our own factory and using semi-automatic equipment
  • Getting our product into large chains like Harris farm, Aboutlife and Thomas Dux
  • Getting our product into four different states! We launched less than five months ago
  • Hiring our first employees
  • Having features written about us (wink wink) – people want to write about us? That’s really weird to us!

What is next for Inside out?

Vuong and Anthony: Nation domination. Nah, we want to just build a great, genuine brand. That’s what’s next. Maybe then girls will talk to us….

inside out almond milk

Nation domination might be a stretch, but Inside Out almond milk is definitely making a wave and changing our morning coffee rituals. Look out for the boy’s Al-pacino (almond milk cappuccino) at local cafes including Balmoral Boathouse, Porch and Parlour, Harry’s Bondi Espresso, Sadhana Kitchen, Ruby’s Diner or The Tuckshop, or get a fresh bottle from selected gourmet grocers. Visit their website to find the nearest stockist:


  1. These guys are great! Met them at the Sydney Markets launch at Martin Place a while back, love their story, and I visited Sadhana Kitchen a few weeks back and discovered they were using it in their coffees! Hope Inside Out becomes an even bigger trend all around Sydney! 🙂


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