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[quote]With the cooler days on their way out, I will miss this comforting bowl of Light Niboshi Ramen from Ramen Zundo, in World Square. Flavoured with dried anchovies, this broth is bursting with umami flavour, coating each strand of straight, thin noodle with just the right amount of delicious. Firm bamboo shoots and tender slices of pork complete this bowl of comfort. Now I just have to wait for a cold rainy day! — Tammi Kwok

Light Niboshi Ramen from Ramen Zundo, in World Square

Ramen Zundo
Shop 1030, World Square, 644 George Street, Sydney NSW

Ramen Zundo on Urbanspoon

[quote]Whenever I’m overseas I always stop by a Sephora store to stock up on some Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion. I love it! Actually I need it.
I’m one of those people whose makeup and sunscreen always sinks into their eyelid crease, and no amount of pre-applied concealer nor any other tricks can stop it.
At the end of a particularly long day, I sometimes feel a sting in my eyes even if I’ve only worn sunscreen. This potion has come to my rescue time & time again.
It keeps my eye makeup in place, or if I’m only wearing sunscreen or a bit of foundation, it stops any of the stuff from sliding down into my eyes. This is great for long haul flights (or just long ass days).
With Sephora due to open its first Australian store on Pitt Street in December this year, I’m really hoping this potion will be included in the range! —Sarah Tang

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion[/quote]

[quote]My pick is Swell Coffee. The Illawarra based company operate as a cafe and also roast their own beans. The Swell Cafe Blend is a rich, full bodied coffee that really hits the spot for me. Beans can be purchased ground if you don’t have a grinder. I’m always sorted for those days when I don’t feel like getting out of my PJs and venturing outside to go and get a coffee. —Jess Cronin

Swell Coffee[/quote]

[quote]If one of my friends asked me in my early twenties about what kind of moisturizer I used, I would have laughed in his face and asked him to hand back his man-license. Fast forward to today and if one of my bros told me he’s not using any moisturizer I would be laughing at him and giving him some sample packs!

No I’m not a “metrosexual” (do people still use that word?) but just like a car, if you don’t look after the paint, it’s going to fade and become damaged. Similarly we should at the least slap on some moisturizer every now and then.

This Kiehl’s moisture gel is the best stuff I’ve come across in years and is well worth the money. —David Tang

Kiehl’s moisture gel[/quote]


double yolk egg

One of my newest chickens has laid me a double yolk egg each week. The first egg I put into scrambled eggs and as you can see the second one has been hard boiled and sliced. This week I think I will use her egg as an example of the surprises that nature sends our way. — Nyla Thomas [/quote]

[quote]Paper Plane Cafe is a breathe of fresh air in comparison to the same-same lunch spots around the area. Their quirky twist on everything from the all day breakfasts to the burgers and even the furniture make you feel like your putting feet up in some modern hipster cafe in Newtown.

Menu highlights include:
French Toast (served with a generous dollops of rhubarb compote, strawberries and silky custard).
Truffled Eggs so delicious we all confessed that it would definitely be the dish we’d order on our next visit.
Chorizo Hotpot served sizzling in a pan with a rich tomato sauce and two eggs.
Paper Plane Burger is a standout with its slathering of peanut butter to go with a juicy meat patty and crispy bacon. — Amy Ta

Paper Plane Cafe
Shop 5, 2 Horwood Place, Parramatta NSW

Paper Plane Cafe on Urbanspoon

Paper Plane Cafe
Photo credit @paperplanecafe[/quote]

[quote]Pana Chocolate

I’m no vegan, but Pana Chocolate is something else. Handmade in Melbourne, the chocolate is organic, low GI, diary, soy and gluten free, and made from 100% natural ingredients. There are heaps of flavours to choose from, but my personal favourite is the Coconut and Goji. —Georgia Swanborough[/quote]

[quote]I usually only drink wine because I find other drinks too sweet and get an instant sugar headache. The Pomegranate Rekorderlig Cider has the perfect balance of flavour; crisp pear blended with pomegranate and isn’t not too sweet. Great for afternoon drinks during the summer. — Phoebe Brown

Pomegranate Rekorderlig Cider[/quote]

[quote]One of my favourite recipes to cook at the moment is this grilled miso salmon (marinade overnight with miso paste, mirin and sugar then grill for 15-20mins) which I’ve been serving with Forbidden Foods organic green rice (brown rice infused with bamboo extract). So easy and so tasty!
Jennifer Lam

Forbidden Foods organic rice range[/quote]

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