When I think of the word ‘Diet,’ I think of that Simpsons episode where Homer runs into a sign that says ‘Die’ and lets out a bloodcurdling scream. Then the wind blows the bushes aside and reveals it actually says ‘Diet’ – and cue even louder scream. That’s pretty much me. I am Homer Simpson trapped in a 23 year-old girl’s body. (Doh).

I have never been one for dieting. To me, it’s like making a list of all the things you love and tearing it up into little pieces. And then burning the pieces. But I’m probably being a tad overdramatic. #cleaneating is trending, and the obsession with healthy lifestyles and dieting is at a high.

For those still getting burger cravings but not wanting to get too meaty in stature, Grill’d offers a fresh alternative. Grill’d prides itself on using fresh ingredients to create a product that won’t leave you feeling like a big blobby guts afterwards. Grill’d has just celebrated its 10th birthday, and the gift is a new product for their fitness-junkie consumers; the Low Carb SuperBun.

In an effort to understand the weird world of dieting, they also ran a Carbfusion study on 1000 men and women across the country. It revealed a few stats like; 2 in 3 Aussies have tried a specific diet or cleanse, and 39% of people only lasted two weeks on the low carb eating plan.


With all those perfectly Instagrammed mirror selfies at the gym appearing regularly in our newsfeeds, it’s no wonder people are constantly watching what they eat. I am all for balance and moderation. But some diets seem to veer a little into the cray cray side of things. In the spirit of being #instahealthy and #instafit, I’ve put together a quick round-up of some of the weirdest diet plans to go around the block. 

The Cabbage Soup Diet:

Exactly what it sounds like; you predominantly eat cabbage soup. This is a diet that should only be followed for a week, and is designed for quick weight loss. The cons are that you might feel light headed and weak, and suffer a loss in concentration. But with pros like unlimited cabbage soup for a week, who cares right?! Of course drinking liquids or eating soup in place of actual meals is all well and good for a week, but what happens once you go back to regular food?

The Israeli Army Diet:

Another fad diet spanning only eight days, the dieter may only eat one type of food for two days each. Days 1-2 consisted of apples, Days 3-4 was for cheese, Days 5-6 chicken and 7-8 salad. Black tea or coffee is allowed any day though; perhaps if you were feeling a little weak from only eating apples all day you could power up with a coffee or three. An apple a day keeps the doctor away? 

The Tapeworm Diet:

This is not for the weak-stomached; it means willingly ingesting a parasite to feed on the food in your belly. I feel like it’s not one you’d be telling your friends about. “Oh wow, you look fantastic, what’ your secret?”

“Well, I have worms.” Yummy. 

The Blood Type Diet:

The basis of this plan is that diet can be evaluated by your individual blood type. That is, people with different blood types should be eating and exercising in different ways. Created by naturopath Peter J. D’Adamo, the diet follows the belief that the foods you eat react chemically with your blood type. By following a diet designed for your blood type, your body will digest food more efficiently and lose weight. Also, blondes have more fun and left-handed people have a shorter lifespan. 

The Lemon Detox Diet:

You know this one’s going to be tasty. On this ‘cleansing’ diet, participants drink a concoction containing water, lemon juice, cayenne pepper and Madal Bal syrup – all of your favourite seasonings at once! Around 8 glasses are consumed each day, as well as laxative tea and salt water flushes. I suspect any weight lost is from all the exercise you get running back and forth from the toilet.

The Low-down on the Low Carb SuperBun:

A diet that has gained popularity is the low carb diet, although, according to Carbfusion, 1 in 4 low carb dieters couldn’t actually explain what a carbohydrate is. I mean, to be honest, neither could I, but then again I’m not laying off the carbs. For all those confused low-carb health nuts, Grill’d has provided an alternative. The SuperBun is made from all natural ingredients like free range whole eggs, almond meal, organic coconut cream, water, tapioca flour, raw honey, psyllium husk and salt, and in an Australian restaurant first, enables people following a low carb, gluten free or grain free lifestyle to enjoy a real burger experience.

When Jen and I were invited to go and try the new Low Carb SuperBun, we were pretty curious. What was this strange new burger all about?

We ordered the Simply Grill’d and the new Hot Chica on the Low Carb SuperBun and the Summer Sunset on a Traditional bun, as well as sweet potato chips, the new zucchini chips and the famous Grill’d chips. 


We began with the Hot Chica. I’d read a few other things about the lack of stability in the SuperBun, but I was surprised it actually held together well. With the heat from the jalapenos, the juicy chicken and sour cream, I could barely actually taste the bun. The result was a fairly light burger that went down pretty well.

Grilld_007  Grilld_002Hot Chica with the Low Carb SuperBun ($15), with a side of zucchini chips($4.80). 

The Simply Grill’d was next up. The Simply Grill’d on a traditional bun contains less carbs than two sushi hand rolls, and the Simply Grill’d on the SuperBun contains only 17.4 g of carbs, which is just over half the carbs contained in one sushi hand roll. In fact, the Low Carb SuperBun makes all Grill’d burgers under 10% of carbs. So now you can stop ordering burgers minus the burger buns because you’re being good. 


The Simply Grill’d contains a juicy beef patty, salad, relish and herbed mayo, and we added cheese because YOLO. With the beef burger, the taste of the SuperBun came through more. It does have a slightly sweet, almost coconutty taste (probably from the coconut cream, if I had to guess), and an almost pancakey consistency. While it is certainly different from a traditional burger, it provides an alternative for those watching their carb (what’s a carb again?) intake.

Grilld_003Simply Grill’d on the Low Carb SuperBun ($12.40) and sweet potato chips ($4.80)

 Last we dug into the Summer Sunset, perfect for the upcoming beach season. Summer Sunset contains grass fed lean beef, avocado, crispy trim bacon, pineapple, salad, relish and herbed mayo. After the lightness of the SuperBunned (yes, SuperBun is also a verb!) burgers, the Traditional bun actually made us exercise our jaws a little. 

Grilld_009Summer Sunset on Traditional bun ($12.50) and the famous Grill’d chips ($3.80)

For those that love the traditional burger range, Grill’d still provide a wide range of delicious and healthy burgers served on their Traditional or Paninior Gluten Free buns, so now there’s plenty of choice on the Grill’d menu. You can’t go wrong with sweet potato chips, and now Grill’d also offers zucchini chips as well. They are pretty chunky, and will appeal to any zucchini lover out there. 


Just a little pro-tip; if you are SuperBunning and avoiding carbs, maybe skip the iced tea – it has twice the amount of carbs than your SuperBunned Simply Grill’d.

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This post is sponsored by Grill’d, but opinions are our own.


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