With the first week of summer rolling up and announcing its presence with a bang (or rather, a thunderclap and lightning), it seemed like it was about time for another Meetup. And the only way to go leading into the great ‘Strayan summer was to consume as much gelato as humanely possible. Challenge accepted! 


On the cloudy, humid Thursday evening we set out along Crown Street to indulge in a little of the cold stuff, beginning with Stix Desserts. Stix is exactly what it sounds like; gelato on a stick!


It is then dipped in your choice of chocolate and covered in some form of topping, like nuts, crunchie pieces or coconut. We were happily taken through the flavours of gelato, and given taste tests of any that took our fancy. With such a large group and so many dessert decisions to make, there was bound to be a bit of indecision.




Tim-Tam Slam flavour? Salted Caramel? Pannacotta? The Stix staff member however, was happy to help, and everyone caught up while munching on their frozen creations. Check out Stix in full here

Stix Desserts
620 Crown St, Surry Hills, NSW
Phone: (02) 9456 1027
Web: https://www.facebook.com/StixDesserts

Stix Desserts on Urbanspoon

Once the last chocolate morsels had been savoured, we hit the pavement to our next destination; the gelato magicians known as Messina. Being the hyped up dessert behemoth that is Messina, crowds were gathering outside the tiny shop. We squeezed our way in and selected our next sweets.


With new creations appearing regularly, there is plenty of choice (uh-oh) to make your decision difficult. Cone or cup? Old faithful Chocolate or a Twixed fix? Oh if you insist, I’ll have both. 


We made our way along to sit with our fast-melting cones and cups of deliciousness in the twilight. A few latecomers got on board the Gelato Crawl, and caught up to speed. My recommendation if attempting mass gelato marathon? Skip dinner, it will only fill you up with useless savoury nutrition. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Gelato Messina
389 Crown St,
Surry Hills NSW 2010
Phone: (02) 8354 1223
Web: http://www.gelatomessina.com/

Gelato Messina Surry Hills on Urbanspoon
Once we had downed our second round and cleaned up the Messina mess (in my case) we were ready for the journey to continue. It was a pleasant walk down to RivaReno, a good distance to work off the previous treats and work up to the next. Having not tried RivaReno before, I was curious. Owner Kieran Tosolini very kindly ran us through the RivaReno story, and the unique processes that provide their customers with the fresh, delicious gelato they have come to love. Read all about it here.


Mango came highly recommended, so I went for a raspberry and mango combination. I would definitely recommend this combo; it is like a summer party in your mouth! The natural fruit in the flavours shine through, with a creaminess that leave you with no doubt this is a decadent indulgence. Some of the group opted out of the second or third helping of gelato, content to just hang out and chat. (probably filled up on dinner beforehand).


Kieran also highly recommended their flavour of the month; Cremino RivaReno, otherwise known as white chocolate, hazelnut from Piedmont, and gianduia (chocolate-hazelnut sauce) layered throughout. I was suddenly struck down with a dose of FOMO, confirmed by one of the group who said it was delicious, although a little rich. Since it was flavour of the month, I pretty much HAD to try it. Who was I to refuse? Drop whatever you’re doing and go an try it. It’s creamy, Nutella-like bliss.

RivaReno Gelato
280 Crown St, Darlinghurst NSW
Phone: (02) 9356 2669
Web: http://www.rivareno.com/eng/ 

RivaReno Gelato on Urbanspoon

It was great to catch up with new and familiar faces, and then stuff our faces with gelato. Luckily the storms held off until later (dashing through torrential rain with a belly full of dessert is always an adventure) and we took in the balmy evening. 

We always love to meet new people, so if you’d like to come along to the next event, you can join our Meetup group here or browse our events calendar. For corporate event enquiries or large group event planning, click to contact usabout custom food crawl and food tour packages.

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The biggest decision of Jess's day is often what to have for lunch. A coffee addict, sweet tooth and glutton all rolled in one; Jess has a love for food. She has a reputation among her friends as a big eater, and has taken on several eating challenges just to prove a point. Jess loves to bake, mainly to indulge her own sweet tooth, but also to share the dessert love! Jess works in hospitality and is constantly surrounded by delicious food - she is always first to volunteer as taste tester when any new recipes are being created. There’s no need to ask if Jess is hungry – she almost always is.


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