Nature schmature. While most people might travel to Asia to see the amazing scenery and temples, we all actually know that the action is in the food. The street food. But if you don’t have spare cash to burn on a holiday to the far east, we have found a way to get some Asian street food, right in the heart of Sydney.

3Q Chicken


It’s all about the fried chicken, and 3Q serves up the Taiwanese version of this universally loved dish (is there anyone that doesn’t enjoy fried chicken?), both in the super large battered and fried chicken breast, as well as spiced smaller bites with crispy basil leaves. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, try their fried chicken breast with oozing cheese centre!

3Q Chicken
Shop 8 505 George Street, Sydney NSW

3Q Chicken on Urbanspoon

Mother’s Crepes

Banana and Chocolate Gelato Crepe from Mother's Crepes

I remember walking down the streets of Tokyo, not understanding any of the neon signs that dotted the cityscape. But lines of people walking away with crepe cones? Now that’s universal. Mother’s Crepes in World Square follow the tradition of these hand-held Japanese crepes, offering up both sweet and savoury options. In Sydney, they take it to the next level with gelato crepes, which are decadently topped with fruit, custard/cream and sauce with a rich, velvety scoop of frozen goodness.

Mother’s Crepes
World Square Shopping Centre
Kiosk 9 / 644 George Street, Sydney NSW
Phone: 0411 585 063

Mother's Crepe World Square on Urbanspoon


Satay chicken takoyaki from Tamayaki

Takoyaki is a Japanese street food favourite, starting with a screaming hot cast iron pan, some batter made with wheat flour, and toppings like octopus, spring onions and cabbage. The balls fry to a crisp exterior and creamy interior, then get absolutely smothered with tangy Japanese mayo and a sweet barbecue sauce. And Japanese mayo is always a good sign.

At Tamayaki, they offer up the traditional favourites like prawn and octopus, and add some twists of their own, like Satay Chicken, which replaces the seafood with chicken thigh meat, and finished with a spicy peanut sauce. Remember to let it cool slightly before chomping into these little balls of heaven though, the steaming insides are capable of causing some serious pain to the delicate insides of your mouth – I know, I’ve been there.

Shop 36 1 Dixon Street, Sydney NSW
Phone: 0450 290 190

Tamayaki on Urbanspoon


Glazed KFC from Arisun

Dixon street favourite Arisun has made their famous Korean Fried Chicken even more accessible: it’s now available in easy, eat-on-the-go cups from Arisun Express in World Square. Choose from the original or the sticky finger-licking chilli-glazed, and if you do decide to eat in, do try a glass of their frozen beer the texture of an alcoholic slushy – perfect for a sweltering muggy day.

Arisun Express
680 George Street, Sydney NSW
Phone: (02) 8669 6900

Arisun Express on Urbanspoon

Belly Bao

Roast Pork Gua Bao from Belly Bao

Belly Bao started from a craving that owner Sylvia had for gua baos that she had whilst living in America. At the time, Sydney didn’t have many bao related prospects on the horizon, so she decided to take to the markets and share her baos. Belly Bao has since gone from the markets to a permanent spot in Good God Small Club, serving up some killer fried chicken alongside their baos! The beauty of these baos for me are in the milky white buns – soft and fluffy, these are made with Sylvia’s own recipe, resulting in something so soft and tender it’s like eating a cloud. And if that wasn’t enough, the sweet potato fries with chilli aioli are so crazy addictive I need a support group for the Monday to Wednesdays that I can’t get my hands on them.

Mmmmm, sweet potato fries.

Belly Bao
GOODGOD Small Club
53-55 Liverpool Street, Sydney NSW

Belly Bao on Urbanspoon

Bar Pho

Phumplings from Bar Pho

And fresh to the scene with a recipe for pho that’s developed by her and her mum, Tina from Bar Pho has come up with Phumplings – which contains the flavour of pho condensed into dumplings. Made in a similar style to notoriously finicky xiao long baos, these dumplings are made with a beef and pork mix, and sit in a pool of clear pho broth. Served up with her mother’s nuclear-hot chilli sauce, hoisin and a squeeze of lemon, these little bites are packed full of flavour. Pro tip: mix any remaining sauce into the leftover soup in the bowl and skol it – the resulting chilli hit brings on such a rush! 

Bar Pho
Bondi Farmers Market Saturday 9am-1pm
Eveleigh Market Saturday 8am-1pm
Phone: 0405 031 600

Bar Pho Vietnamese on Urbanspoon

I Ate My Way Through dined as guests of the above establishments.


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