Since being founded by Ronni Kahn in 2004, OzHarvest has saved 11,972 tonnes of food from being wasted in Australia.

Relying on donations for funding, the organisation takes food that would otherwise be thrown out from supermarkets, cafes and restaurants and delivers them to 600 different charities throughout the country. This all ties in with OzHarvest’s philosophy of food sustainability and its determination to reduce food wastage in Australia.

Urban Harvest front coverImage: supplied

With the support of OzHarvest volunteers, sponsors and leading industry chefs, the organisation has captured this philosophy in its new cookbook, Urban Harvest. Beautifully illustrated with easy-to-follow methods and food-saving tips throughout, the cookbook features 100 special recipes straight from the kitchens of 50 top chefs including Adam Liaw, Matt Moran and Peter Gilmore.

Grilled Zucchini from Urban Harvest cookbookImage: Grilled Zucchini with Pine Nuts, Currants and Fetta, recipe by Andrew McConnell. Food photography by Anson Smart. 

Honey Roasted Eggplant SaladImage: Honey-Roasted Eggplant Salad, recipe by Dominique Rizzo. Food photography by Anson Smart.

Urban Harvest is split into 5 different recipe categories: Beginning (starters and small share plates), Middle (pastas, roasts, bakes and salads), Burgers, Gather (for sharing with many people) and End (sweet treats to finish off a meal). Each dish is designed to be enjoyed with family and friends and uses nutritious ingredients, some of which you can easily grow in your own garden. 

Pork Burger with Cucumber KimchiImage: Pork Burgers with Cucumber Kimchi, recipe by Hamish Ingham. Food photography by Anson Smart.

Muhallabia with RosewaterImage: Muhallabia with Rosewater, recipe by Michael Rantissi. Food photography by Anson Smart.

With interesting facts, stories and garden growing guides from OzHarvest’s 11 years of experience as a food rescue organisation and promoter of food sustainability, Urban Harvest is more than just a cookbook. Rather, it’s a guide to eating well, living well and appreciating what we have in this world.

For more information on OzHarvest’s work, visit their website Urban Harvest is available for $60 from OzHarvest’s online Soul Shop or from one of their stockists. Each cookbook purchase will help deliver 120 meals.


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