After only opening in June, Bondi Junction Westfield’s newest store already has people going crazy for coconuts. Coco Joy is an Australian-first with a menu full of coconut based products perfect for healthy eaters looking to treat themselves. The store offers something for everyone, from coconut yoghurt to a 7-day detox plan. 

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Before sitting down with the new store’s general manager, Tony Niss, I got my hands on an Acai Smoothie (Small $5.20). This sweet delight wasn’t weighed down by milk, unlike a lot of smoothies out there. Made with only acai berries, bananas and coconut water I found it refreshingly easy to drink. I discussed the benefits of coconut products with Tony, who told me that compared to regular milk, coconut milk is easier to digest and is lower in calories. This is all thanks to the coconut’s oils which have an accelerating effect on the metabolism and contain median chain triglycerides which help with digestion. Full of electrolytes, the coconut milk will also quench even your biggest thirst. 

Acai Smoothie

With that in mind it’s no wonder why people are already lining up to get a taste of Coco Joy’s delicious Coconut Ice Cream ($4/$6). Developed by a nutritionist and food scientist, the flavours range from vanilla bean to salted caramel. Being gluten and dairy free, Coco Joy’s ice cream has been the store’s most popular product since its opening, despite the recent cold weather. Full of the coconut’s nutrients and minerals such as calcium, potassium, magnesium and phosphorus, this coconut ice cream is a fantastic alternative to your usual dairy treat!

Coconut Ice Cream

If it’s too early for ice cream, you can pick up a morning acai bowl or a warm cup of Favela coffee with your choice of milk. For a quick but fulfilling breakfast Tony recommends one of the store’s Protein Balls, which are free of gluten and dairy and are like an entire meal in a ball. After trying just half of the sweet Choca Goji Rocks Ball and half a fruity Bliss Ball I couldn’t believe how full I felt!

Protein Balls

For those looking to take some quality coconut products home for themselves, the Coco Joy retail range is a great option. The range includes coconut water, oil, flavoured milks and kids drinks so you can enjoy the benefits of coconuts at any time of the day. With its success in Bondi Junction, Coco Joy hopes to have at least 3 Australian stores open by 2016 and is aiming to expand its product range to cosmetics.

Coco Joy Retail

There’s no doubting the numerous health benefits of the coconut. Throughout history, cultures have been profiting from the goodness of coconuts and nearly one third of the world’s population rely on coconut in some way. In the South Pacific, coconuts are a dietary staple and the coconut palm tree is known as the tree of life. Furthermore, in some cases, they have proven to be life saving. During the Pacific War of 1941-1945, coconut water was used to give emergency plasma transfusions to wounded soldiers! If that doesn’t convince you of how amazing this fruit is, I don’t know what will.

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The Coco Joy brand is clearly designed for all types of people who want a fresh, great tasting, healthy treat. With friendly staff, a delicious menu and quality products, the Coco Joy store has seen mums, tradies and everyone in between coming in to grab their coconut fix. 

To purchase Coco Joy products, visit the new Bondi Junction store or visit for other stockists.
Coco Joy
Shop 5029 Westfield Bondi Junction
Phone: (02) 9389 1990

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