What happens when you get a shipping container, give it a paint job, pimp it out with neon lights and a crazy sound system and then attach some wheels? I’m guessing an authentic Napolitano pizza food truck wouldn’t be your first guess.


The Margherita. The perfect starter, but with their own twist.

Co-owner Adam, chef Anthony and director Chris have put together a monstrous 9m long 2.2 tonne entertainment beast guaranteed to make you Happy as Larry.

Now down to the pizza. How good or authentic can it be coming out of a truck?

Fear not, you’re in good hands. Happy As Larry adhere to the international regulations of the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana (AVPN) and with a wide selection of flavors ranging from Mixed Mushrooms ($15) to The Lasagne ($17), you’re sure to find a combination that works for you.

Wagyu pizza- Pino’s Wagyu beef bresola,porcini mushrooms,buffalo mozzarella,truffle pecorino and truffle oil. Yum!

From the pizzas we happily gorged ourselves on, the Prawn and Truffle ($19) really stood out. It is essentially a combination of black truffle pate, fior di latte (mozzarella), cherry tomatoes, oyster mushrooms and aromatised olive oil. The earthiness of the truffle combined with the freshness of the prawns really created a great contrast of flavours, that was well held together by the smooth and rich mozzarella ! The Wagyu Pizza was equally impressive; the paper-thin cured beef wasn’t as salty as expected, which was great as the mushrooms were well marinated and provided the flavour kick.

Also worth mentioning is the amazing consistency of the pizza dough. Pizza aficionados will tell you that it all starts from the base, and also how difficult it actually is to achieve the perfect consistency. This is what makes Happy as Larry stand out. The dough possess a great chewy texture whilst still retaining a certain crunch element. Awesomeness on so many levels.

Prawn and Truffle Pizza. The highlight!

Now for the fun part… Dessert! Currently there is only one dessert offering, but my oh my, is it done with conviction. With the current Nutella craze sweeping over Sydney, it’s only right that a Nutella Calzone ($14) is on offering.  Remember the dough mentioned above? Imagine a whole lot of that encasing a molten flow of thick and rich gooey hazelnut chocolate. If that doesn’t make you drool, then I haven’t done it justice. 

Nutella Calzone. Speechless…

All in all, a satisfying experience and Happy as Larry can definitely add themselves to Sydney’s elite Food Truck scene. 

Happy As Larry
Various locations in Sydney
Web: sydneyfoodtrucks.com.au/trucks/happy-as-larry

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I Ate My Way Through dined as guests of Happy As Larry


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