Stepping onboard a P&O cruise ship is like being transported to an entirely different world. 

Just the mere sight of a ship in all its entirety is enough to hit you with a strong sense of excitement. It’s also difficult not to think of the rich history of cruising, from a time way back when ships were the only way to travel to some place far off. 

P&O Pacific JewelP&O Pacific Jewel

And with their latest design takeover, P&O has latched onto this historic feel and introduced Gatsby-themed parties for every P&O cruise of three nights or more. Imagine feather boas, cocktails, live music, a shoeshine boy and an extravagant purpose-built chandelier, and you’ve got quite the party. 

Gatsby PartyP&O Gatsby PartyGatsby Party Band

The Gatsby Party is added to a list of other party concepts like the Bianco White Party, retro Back to School nights and a Las Vegas Pool Party, all of which are bound to keep you entertained and ecstatic as you travel to your chosen destination.

P&O, long considered a leader in cruises, has destinations around Australia, the Pacific Islands, New Zealand and Asia. They seem to have cruise itineraries to suit everyone, and this eagerness to cater to a variety of different demographics is all the more apparent onboard the actual ships.

P&O deckPacific Jewel life buoyP&O lounge deck

Lounge chairs on the deck provide a great place to relax in the sun, while the P&O’s Edge program offers activities like the flying fox and funnel climbs and the opportunity to have your very own Titanic moment.

P&O EdgeP&O Edge Flying Fox

And in addition to the new Gatsby party, the P&O Pacific Jewel cruise ship boasts a number of new exciting features. 

With a new high-energy production show, cruisers will be treated to live singing and dancing performances from the P&O entertainment team. Cruisers will also be able to treat themselves at the – dare I say it – charming (couldn’t help myself) new Pandora store, which marks the first time the popular jewellery store has opened at sea. 

P&O production showP&O Production Show Dance

But I can’t deny my inner foodie who believes the real star of the new look P&O is their new dining concept, The Pantry

The PantryThe Pantry workersThe Pantry

Like a kid in a candy store, my eyes completely lit up when it came time to explore P&O’s new dining area. Some people may be sad to see the buffet go, but for me personally, The Pantry – with its diversity of cuisines and stylish seating themes – is a definite step up.

The Pantry has a sophisticated, yet fun, homely feel. The decor makes you feel like you’re in your own kitchen at sea, with different nooks and seating areas in each direction you look. I could easily imagine myself sitting at a different table each day, simply so I could experience a different view of The Pantry each day.

The Pantry dining tablesThe Pantry dessert signThe Pantry FramesMexicana spicy sign

I fell in love with the space before I had even sampled any of the food.

And once I had my taste of the food, it just solidified my love affair with The Pantry.

P&O once again shows its versatility and eagerness to cater to diverse palates with mini-eateries serving up burgers and pizzas; healthy sandwiches and salads; fish and chips; Asian stir-frys and other dishes; roast meats and vegetables; Mexican tacos and burritos; and, of course, desserts.

The Pantry BurgersThe Pantry saladsThe Pantry roastsThe Pantry fish and chipsThe Pantry MexicanaThe Pantry dessert spread

The whole concept of The Pantry completely does away with the buffet-style practice of moving your tray along a row of dishes. Instead, you can go along to each different eatery and sample a bit of everything. You could have one cuisine for an entree and a completely different cuisine for a main. Each day you could try something different, guaranteeing that you’ll never get sick of your meal options. This is especially given the fact that what’s on offer at each eatery is bound to change daily.

I’m not going to lie, after previewing the new look P&O, I began mentally planning out a cruise holiday for myself. I’m the kind of person whose moods and interests can change a little every day – one day I feel like an adventure and the next I want to relax by the water. With P&O’s cruise ships – and especially their revamped cruise ships – there’s so much for everyone. 

And here’s a little tip: if you visit The Pantry, make sure you try the Mexican.

Mexicana Burrito

To find out more about P&O cruise ships, holiday packages and destinations, visit the P&O Cruise website.

I Ate My Way Through previewed the new look P&O Pacific Jewel as guests of P&O


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