Devon on Danks of Waterloo has teamed up with Young Henry’s beer and sake importer Sakenet in order to create two new banquet dining options. Each with a matching beer and sake menu, the ‘La Russo-San’ ($70pp) and ‘Miyagi-San’ ($85pp) launched on October 2 and include some favourites from Devon by Night. With Devon’s existing menu already having so much success we couldn’t resist a night of great food, beer and sake. Intrigued by the possibility of pig tail and lobster spring rolls we opted for the Miyagi-San option. DevonDevon on DanksDevon on DanksWe began our journey with the Raw Scallop with Kerabu Flowers. The dish was a combination of many textures from the crispy vermicelli to the tender scallop. Topped off with prawn floss, fragrant herbs and sambal belacan, this dish was a fresh delight of citrus and Malaysian flavours. Raw ScallopThe Lobster Thermidor Spring Rolls were another demonstration of the Devon team’s talent. As I took my first bite I couldn’t help but wish this is what every spring roll tasted like. Inside is a gorgeous cheesy concoction of lobster, thermidor sauce and gruyere. To finish off this salty treat was a creamy yuzu aioli that added a citrus kick. The Young Henry’s Natural Ale was a perfect pairing with a light citrus note that balanced out the richness of the spring rolls. Lobster Thermidor Spring RollsYoung Henry's Natural LagerYoung Henry's Natural LagerDevon on Danks continued their seafood trend with the Salmon Wontons, which were made with King Salmon Tartare, wasabi mayo, tobiko and red shiso all served on a delicious crispy base. Thanks to the fresh salmon and tobiko, the dish was soft and creamy with a distinct wasabi flavour. This dish was paired with Yamato No Dobu Sake mixed with Young Henry’s Cloudy Cider. The cider softens the strength of the sake to create a cloudy and sweet drink that’s perfect for first-time sake drinkers. The sweet Dobu sake was also a great pairing with the Agedashi Tofu.Salmon WontonsSalmon WontonsYamato No DobuYamato No DobuYamato No DobuThe only experiences I’ve had with tofu are the rubbery supermarket kind. So when I bit into Devon on Danks’ Agedashi Tofu I was absolutely gobsmacked. A spicy tang of shichimi pepper, heirloom tomato, pickled cucumber and Vietnamese tomato dressing coats an unbelievably soft bite of silky tofu to create a meal that will please both vegetarians and meat-lovers. After that dish I think it’s safe to say that I’m done with supermarket tofu.Agedashi TofuAgedashi TofuThe Sticky Pig Tails were yet another fantastic surprise from the Devon Team. After days of boiling what begins as a pig tail broth become a mouth-watering glazed comfort food accompanied with deep fried croutons. I wouldn’t imagine tail to be particularly tender, however the cooking process enables this dish to be beautifully moist. Sticky Pigs TailsSpeaking of comfort food, the next dish we were served was the Belacan Fried Chicken. These fried chicken wings marinated in Malaysian shrimp paste had a tasty crispy exterior that was heavenly to crunch into. The hero of the dish, however, was the Kalamansi Dipping Sauce. Full of Asian and citrus flavours, the tangy sauce was the perfect accompaniment to the chicken. The beer pairing with these two dishes was the Young Henry’s Real AleThe ale’s sweet toffee and caramel notes were the perfect accompaniment to the crunchy and sticky meals.Belacan Fried ChickenYoung Henry's Real AleThe Ayam Percik exemplified Devon on Danks’ Malaysian influence. The charcoal chicken marinated in spiced coconut milk was served with a thick and spicy relish. Full of smoky and hot North Eastern Malaysian flavours, I could no doubt see myself eating a whole one of these and I would regret nothing. The dark Young Henry’s Hop Ale was served along with the chicken, its bold flavours adding to the warmth of the spicy relish. Ayam PercikYoung Henry's Hop AleOur meal got a tad heartier when Aunty Yulia’s Short Ribs were brought out. After being slow cooked in Indonesian Sweet Soy the beef fell off the bone beautifully. The sweet, soft meat was finished with a spicy tomato and basil relish to create an amazing dish full of well-balanced flavours. The acidity of the Senzo-gaeri Goriki Uchida Rice sake balanced the sweet notes of the ribs. Being stronger than the previous and with only 800 bottles made every year, this sake was a standout.Aunty Yulia's Short RibsSenzo-gaeri Goriki Uchida RiceWe finished off our mains on a lighter note with the Treasures Beneath the Snow. This scrambled seafood dish was made up of crab meat, stir fried milk and egg whites, snow fungus, cured egg yolk, black vinegar and soy. After admiring the vinegar “yolk” sphere we mixed everything together to create a scrumptious creamy and light dish. TreasureWe moved onto dessert with the Truth consisting of poached pear, Hokkaido style cheesecake sponge and natto icecream drizzled with a warm Ganso Kokonoe. The hero of the sweet and alcoholic treat was the pear, which complemented the Kokonoe beautifully. To pair with our desserts we received the Junmai Umeshu Nokyo. This sweet and warm dessert sake was made with a Japanese plum-like fruit which added rich flavours while still maintaining the acidity of a traditional sake. Junmai Umeshu NokyoTruthTruthIf I’m being honest, if I saw eggplant on a dessert menu my first response would be, “I’ll have the chocolate cake please.” So when we were served the Nasu Dengaku I was a little apprehensive. The japanese eggplant was braised in butterscotch and served with sweet miso icecream and a kinako, panko and sesame crumble. Out of all the surprises of the night this dish was by far the biggest. The vegetable tasted like a candied fruit covered in butterscotch sweets, which paired nicely with the flavours of the miso icecream. I think the next time I see eggplant on the dessert menu I’ll be giving the chocolate cake a miss!Nasu DengakuIf you enjoy a good drink and beautifully crafted food then these limited banquet menus aren’t to be missed. Available from October 2, the Miyagi-san and La Russo-san can be found only at Devon by Night, when the bright cafe is transformed into a sought-after restaurant.

Devon on Danks
2 Danks St, Waterloo, Sydney NSW
Phone: (02) 96987795

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