American born Japanese Chef Chase Kojima has launched the new Sokyo Ramen popup in The Star casino food court. Those with a knowledge of his talents and pedigree will understand that this is a big deal! Already dazzling Sydneysiders for over 2 years at Sokyo, Chase has promised to show Sydney a different side of Sokyo and this can only mean one thing. Ramen lovers in Sydney rejoice, you’re in for a very exciting treat.

Sokyo popup1

In our visit here we tried all the Ramen. I mean how could you not?

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Yuzu shio ramen– Made with chicken and katsuobushi dashi, this ramen is designed to be eaten in any weather. Yes, even in the current 35-degree heat wave we are sweating through now. You see, yuzu is the key factor here. Yuzu is a Japanese Citrus that has a taste ranging from lemon to grapefruit and everything in-between. It’s found it many Japanese dishes and is very useful in sprucing up dishes.

A key note on Yuzu. It’s refreshing. Hence its inclusion in Chase’s new ramen. Now to the actual taste. As soon as you have your first mouthful, you’ll understand why it’s the fan favourite so far. It’s light, citrusy and extremely pleasant. You’ll finish the bowl satisfied, but not bloated or uncomfortable as you would with many heavier style Ramens.

The condiments with the ramen include Pork Cheek Chasu, marinated egg and a yuzu and mixed green salad. I need to touch on the Chasu first. It’s incredibly light also, but still remains full of flavor and contains just the right amount of fat. The egg is slightly harder than your traditional Ramen egg (aka ajitsuke tomago) so unfortunately no running yolk, but still very tasty. All in all, a great Ramen and ranks second on my list.

IMG_0051 sokyo ramen

Kyoto Shoyu Ramen – Shoyu is the Japanese name for soy sauce which is made from a mash of soybeans and wheat. So essentially it’s a Ramen based on Soy from a famous prefecture in Kyoto. Sound weird? Well it certainly doesn’t taste weird. Yes, the soy taste is prominent. Yes, it is on the saltier side. The key is that in keeping with theme of Sokyo Ramen, it’s still very clean. The bean sprouts were a great addition to the dish, and a great texture to the dish. Not our top pick of the ramen’s, but still a very approachable and delicious bowl.

IMG_0047 sokyo ramen

Gyokairui Tonkotsu Ramen- Tonkotsu ramen is a familiar name for any ramen lover. It is the most commonly available, and usually it is the heaviest as the broth is made from pork bones which usually makes the broth heavier and richer. Again Chase bucks the trend and produces a lighter version, which will divide opinions. The purists will claim that this is not a real Tonkatsu. Everyone else will say that they prefer Chase’s version as it still packs a punch flavour wise, without the heaviness. I must say myself, when I order tonkotsu I’m expecting a heavy almost milk/gravy like broth and a hearty pork flavour. That being said, I really enjoyed this version. The black fungus (wood ear mushrooms) were absolutely delicious. This Ramen gave me a great insight into his philosophy and made me question my own tastes. I recommend this for anyone who are undecided or don’t normally consume Ramen.

IMG_0050 sokyo ramen

Spicy Miso Tantanmen– I’ve heard many mixed reviews of this dish. The most common complaint is that it is quite bland and the condiments do not really compliment the dish. I disagree. In my opinion, the broth (chicken and seafood) was a great consistency and really flavoursome. The condiments were a little lacking (more tomatoes please!), but what was there really worked. It may just be my Chinese roots, but this brought back comforting memories of my younger self and my love for DanDan noodles. Overall it’s my favourite bowl at Sokyo Ramen, mainly due to the flavoursome broth.

IMG_0049 sokyo ramen

That unfortunately concluded my highly enjoyable visit to Sokyo Ramen Pop Up. Available for only 3 months, make sure you get in quick to experience Chases take on Ramen. #NoRamenNoLife

Sokyo Ramen by Chase Kojima pop-up will operate daily from 10 September until the end of November the end of this year and will be open on Sunday to Monday 11:30am – 9pm, Tuesday to Thursday 11:30am – 10:30pm and Friday to Saturday 11:30am – 11pm. For more information on Sokyo Ramen and The Star, go to

I Ate My Way Through dined as guests of Sokyo Ramen

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Jason has been working in the hospitality industry for the past 7 years. During this time, Jason has had the pleasure of working at a few well-respected restaurants including Sean’s Kitchen (closed), Mr Wong, Sokyo and Cho Cho San. He has a great passion for coffee, photography, great wine and even greater food. Born in Australia, he has quite a diverse background (Chinese/Egyptian) and is quite blessed to be able to converse in Mandarin although it is admittedly a little rusty. During his spare time, you can find him cafe crawling and searching for the best eats Sydney has to offer.


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