It always appears as though French culture is just out of reach, the clothes, the conversations, and of course the cheese seem to elude even the most ardent Francophiles. While dreams of attaining the  certain je ne sais quois encapsulated in everything French may continue to be fleeting, at least the most important aspect of French culture (in our opinion); the cheese is now available to us here in Australia.

Cheese boardFrance labelled the ‘1000 different types of cheese country’ certainly does not shy away from boasting its expertise and dedication to one of their gastronomy pillars. A love for the authentic, and a commitment to producing the best flavours has made French cheese famous for all the right reasons.

Ile De France cheese is now available in Australia, making the dream of achieving the ubiquitous French savoir-faire a reality. We were lucky enough to escape to our French fantasy of baguettes, bikes and striped shirts, at least for an afternoon when we sampled an arrangement of Ile De France Cheeses comprising of Petit Camembert, Brie au Bleu, Mini Brie and Tranches de Brie.

Cheese tastingSoft, creamy and subtle yet distinct flavours are what landed on our palette when tasting this cheese selection. Going back for seconds was more than easy as all of the different cheeses were full of authentic flavours that make French gastronomy world famous. Ile De France cheeses also captured that certain je ne sais quois that makes this cheese so distinctly French – luxurious yet not overpowering, subtle yet still distinctive, and attainable yet not an imitation.

Ile De France are official sponsors of the So Frenchy So Chic Festival happening in Melbourne on January 10, and Sydney on January 16. Find out more information on products, brand, recipes and savouring suggestions for Ile De France’s imported French cheeses on the website


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