TableDue to popular demand, dim sum master Eric Koh’s pop-up at Merivale’s Work In Progress has been extended to December 23. As one of the rare places in Sydney to serve dim sum at night, we didn’t hesitate to accept Merivale’s invitation to sample the menu.


The Scallop & Prawn Dumplings contained a delicious prawn mousse within an egg wrapper, and was topped with juicy scallops and bursting tobiko (flying fish roe). 


The Ku Chive & Prawn Dumplings were one of the favourite of the night, the semi-translucent jade green dumpling skin highlighted the fragrant ku chives within. It was so delicate yet packed a punch in flavour. 


Upping the ante on deep-fried dim sum, the Lobster & Crispy Noodle Roll featured the fresh sweetness of lobster tail wrapped with strands of noodles and deep fried for the ultimate crunch.


Perhaps the most understated of the night, the Wild Mushroom Dumplings may be vegetarian, but it was a clear winner. Bursting with its own umami, this dumpling didn’t call for soy sauce or chilli sauce.


The Pork Package arrived in individual bamboo steamers – hidden inside the pillow like “bao” were sticky glazed pork belly, sesame seeds and coriander. The ratio of bun to the filling may be a bit out, but the flavours made up for it. 


Spring roll are always a crowd favourite and this Aromatic Duck Spring Roll served with hoisin sauce was no exception. It was almost like eating a Peking duck wrap but in a deep fried form (minus the crispy duck skin).


There is something heart warming about poached dumplings. When my parents would visit, I’d often join my mum in the kitchen to make dumplings, and no matter how fast we wrapped and cooked, we never seemed to make them fast enough to feed the hungry mouths! 

The Poached Pork & Prawn with Asparagus Wontons were slippery parcels that hit all the right marks. The crunch from the filling, silkiness of the skin and the spicy kick from the sauce to bind everything into a harmonious dish.


The must have at every dim sum joint – Har Gau.

One of the critical success factors of a good har gau lies in the dumpling skin – it must be thin enough to hold everything together, yet not thick enough that you just lose the prawn flavour.

The har gau here is as good as I remember from Mr Wong. The skin was translucent and the prawns were flavourful and chunky.


While I didn’t think it were possible to top the standard taro puff, this fancy Alaskan Crab Taro Puff was sensational. We bit through the crispy outer pastry shell to reveal chunky flakes of Alaskan crab meat tucked within a savoury taro paste.


The Steamed Lotus Leaves, Chicken & Pork Sausage with Sticky Rice was the last to come out and this definitely filled us right up. Parcels of steaming hot sticky rice were elevated with a mixture of shiitake mushrooms, chicken and lap cheong (Chinese pork sausage). 


With DJs playing every Thursday & Friday night, I can’t think of a better way to wind down the working week! Be quick though, the pop-up will pack up on 23rd December.

P.S. We hear Eric will be joining Papi Chulo duo Christopher Hogarth and Patrick Friesen next year to open up an Asian street food inspired kitchen in soon to be relaunched Queen Victoria Hotel in Enmore. 

Work in Progress @ Eric Koh
50 King Street, Sydney NSW
Phone: (02) 9240 3000

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I Ate My Way Through dined as guest of Merivale


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