I’m back! Did you miss me? It’s Delia – your one and only Chinatown food tour guide! I know it’s been a while… you’ve forgotten me haven’t you… well this is awkward. Let’s talk about someone you might actually know: *drumroll* Alvin Quah, of MasterChef fame! Simmer Huang (think Chinese hot pot, but with a twist) hosted a MasterChef Simmer Series coinciding with the opening of their restaurant in Chatswood. Here’s how the simmering went.

simmer huang, cocktails
Lychee Lime Bitter

We started off with a little Asian twist on the classic Lemon Lime Bitters, this Lychee Lime Bitter is made of lychee puree, lime juice and lemonade bitter. I love me some lychee, and was immediately sold.

simmer huang, cocktail, drink
Bubbling Asian and Plum Blossom

The Bubbling Asian is concocted with sweet osmanthus honey, ginger, Makgeolli, and Calpis soda in sweet fermented rice wine. I love fermented rice, so of course I couldn’t resist ordering this when I saw it. Sweet and not too much of a liquor taste, exactly the way I like it.

The Plum Blossom is made with Hibiki 12YO, Aperol, osmanthus with smoked plum juice, lemon juice and ginger ale. This tastes similar to sangria and was the favourite drink on my table for the night!

simmer huang, cocktail, drink
Grapefruit Daiquiri

The Grapefruit Daiquiri has a strong hit of liquor taste but is refreshing at the same time. But what struck me most about it is the grapefruit inside – doesn’t it look like sashimi?

simmer huang, chicken, entree
Hometown Chicken

The entrees included Hometown Chicken, which is served cold with a spicy satay sauce. Good for those feeling *peckish*. Get it.

simmer huang, spicy tofu noodles, entree
Spicy Tofu Noodles

The Spicy Tofu Noodles are made with thin strips of beancurd served with chilli and spicy sauce. I also shamelessly mixed this with the satay sauce from the Hometown Chicken dish above. Shamelessly.

simmer huang, edamame beans, entree

Ahh Edamame beans, lightly salted and topped with black pepper. Classics done right!

simmer huang, black cloud, fungus, entree
Alvin’s Duck Salad

This is Alvin’s special Duck Salad – just spicy enough to have a kick but not leave me dunking my tongue in water. The salad dressing was light and subtly sweet, matching the umami flavours from the duck.

simmer huang, hot pot
Alvin’s Pork Belly Hot Pot

And the feast officially begins! I’m a sucker for fatty pork belly – especially when the fat melts away a la Alvin’s Pork Belly Hotpot. This bordered on the salty side and left me craving some rice – but there’s a reason for this! Read on.

simmer huang, hot pot
Pouring the soup

After demolishing half the dish, our waitress came out and poured hot soup into our hot pot. And all became clear! The saltiness of the pork belly mingled with the soup to help it become perfectly flavoured. But we’re not done yet.

simmer huang, hot pot, noodle sheets
What is this?

The final surprise of the night – and I had no idea what it was.

simmer huang, hot pot, noodles
Noodle sheets being whipped into shape
simmer huang, hot pot, noodles
On point.

Out came our talented waitress again to clear my confusion. She pulled and whipped what turned out to be noodle sheets until it became just the right length, and placed it into the boiling hot pot. I loved that these noodles were thicker and had some bite to it – definitely my favourite food element of the night!

simmer huang, hot pot, noodles
The evolution of the hot pot into hot noodles!

So kick back your feet. Enjoy a drink (or two..or three).

simmer huang, table
Inside decor
simmer huang, bar
The bar area

And join me in a toast to fatty pork and evolving hot pot dishes courtesy of Alvin and Simmer Huang!

simmer huang, billy law, chef
Alvin all smiles
Simmer Huang
The District, Podium Level
Chatswood Interchange
436 Victoria Avenue, Chatswood, Sydney
Ph: (02) 9411 3335
Web: www.simmerhuang.com

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