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The Harvest Buffet at The Star

I’m not a fan of people making outrageous exaggerated claims. When somebody says “I’m LITERALLY starving” I usually scathingly dissect their hyperbolic statement until they admit that they are actually just mildly peckish rathe...
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James Squire Edible Biography

Have you ever wondered what the history of beer is in Australia? How did we get to where we are today with such a rich culture of beer drinking? As a beer lover, I sure have and I was very excited to receive an invita...


Hip Hop Chicken Shop at The Carrington, Surry Hills, Sydney

If you read my last post (I don’t know why you wouldn’t, but it’s great… I’ll help you, it’s right here 😉 ) I said sneakers and fried chicken are a big part of my life. Throw in hip-hop music and doughnuts and there you ha...
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Cider Crush

For a long time now, fruit ciders have taken a back seat, letting Champagne reign celebratory moments, giving wines the spotlight at dining tables, leaving beers to dominate the pub or backyard BBQ, and supporting spirits to do...

Butter, Surry Hills, Sydney

Sneakers. Fried Chicken. Put them together and you have just described a big part of my life. Tucked away in the quieter streets of Surry Hills (and coincidentally just a 10 minute walk from the I Ate My Way Through office) lie...

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The Best Of The Gold Coast Street Food Scene

Sometimes all we need is a relaxing short break or a fun weekend getaway to unwind. The last time I visited the Gold Coast was when I was 16 years old, old enough to enjoy the stunning beaches and thrills of the many theme park...
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The Wolf Wine Bar, Sydney CBD, wine
The Wolf Wine Bar, Sydney CBD, wine
The Wolf Wine Bar, Sydney CBD, wine

The Wolf Wine Bar, Sydney CBD

If Barrafina was the embodiment of modern, Spanish-influenced cuisine, The Wolf Wine Bar is its younger, wine-loving Italian cousin who recently moved in down the road. And I mean literally down the road; though The Wolf is far...

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5 Things You Should Know About Champagne

Over a month has passed since we welcomed 2016 with open arms. The New Year celebrations are done and dusted, but that’s not to say a fancy birthday party or work function isn’t around the corner. So it’s best...
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Meet the Maker: Paradise Beach Purveyors

Bright green bunches of crisp kale, deep bowls of marinating cheese and luxurious smoked trout assault my senses as I step into the kitchen of Paradise Beach Purveyors. I’m caught in the midst of kitchen preparation and d...
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Platia Greek Taverna, Top Ryde Shopping Centre

    Greek food has been experiencing a resurgence in Sydney of late. Marked by the opening of several fine dining and casual Greek eateries offering delicious Mediterranean delights satisfying all tastes. We were...