Beetroot DipBright green bunches of crisp kale, deep bowls of marinating cheese and luxurious smoked trout assault my senses as I step into the kitchen of Paradise Beach Purveyors. I’m caught in the midst of kitchen preparation and deliveries as I arrive to meet Steve Ingram – owner of the Northern Beaches provedore. If such a thing as a dip apologist exists, then Steve’s it. He’s waving the white flags for dip, and championing the industry in such a way that he’s starting to turn heads.

Paradise Beach Purveyors are the proud creators of a range of award winning dips, and it’s easy to see why, and to put it simply – it’s all real. Steve believes dip is a maligned category, one that is forgotten and which consumers are likely to compromise on simply because there is a lack of choice available. His belief in the real and an enduring relationship with food was the reason for his starting Paradise Beach Purveyors.

We take a walk around the unassuming office and kitchen I’m shown behind the scenes process and how ideas make it from single ingredients to shelf. The Baba Ghanoush is made from painstakingly peeling eggplants, boilers are filled with chickpeas for their lengthy range of hummus dips, and the cucumber is sitting in deep colanders to drain overnight. There’s no smoke and mirrors here; real food just the way it should be.

A product range boasting Middle Eastern inspired dips such as Orange and Pomegranate Hommus, to the on trend Kale and Quinoa Hommus creation, and my personal favourite of Roasted Beetroot Dip are a clear reflection of a belief in the idea that food should not only be exciting, but enjoyable and worthwhile.

From humble beginnings being made on the kitchen table at home, Paradise Beach Purveyors have come a long way, but are still based in the ideals of passion, balance and simplicity from where the venture originated.

Steve genuinely believes in his product, and the values which keep him as an industry leader; a no compromise approach in the freshness and integrity of his ingredients, a simple and back to basics recipe and a dedication to the end product which reflects the original idea from where the food was created; authentic, simple and real. It’s for that Paradise Beach Purveyors continue to win awards and stand out in such a crowded category.

Kale Quinoa Hommus
Paradise Beach Purveyors has recently had the honour of becoming a champion in the dip category at Australian Grand Dairy Awards for their Smoked Trout & Chives Dip, which strikes a delicate balance between luxurious, simple and fresh. A flavour that makes itself known, but doesn’t overpower the palette. Made from deluxe Australian ingredients, including premium smoked trout this dip truly embodies Australia’s best.

Steve and Paradise Beach Purveyors seek to offer a product that is inspired by a deep and broad love of food, one that captures the senses but doesn’t overpower them, a commitment to strong food ideals and an unabashedly and simple way of doing things. There are no shortcuts here, just real, honest ingredients and dedication to making an end product that they are proud to offer.

food love
I was lucky enough to sample the range of Paradise Beach Purveyors and their subsidiary brand Food Love Kitchen which aims to reach a wider audience but still holds true the values that make Paradise Beach Purveyors what it is.

A personal favourite was the Mexicano Swirl, a blend of Mexican flavoured beans, sour cream and a hint of lemon. It was so filling, delicious and embodied everything that makes you think of Mexican flavours. Paired with corn chips, this would make a perfect snack or pre-dinner teaser.

The Jalapeno Hommus was also a big hit, it wasn’t overly spicy but had a distinct and flavour that packed a refreshing hit of coriander that kept me coming back for more. This was truly a standout as the flavour and freshness was not something that I had come to expect from a dip.

mexican dip
However, the Roasted Beetroot Dip was my pick of the lot – everything from the smell to the texture was brimming with freshness, quality ingredients and a taste of the home made. A beetroot flavour that wasn’t faded away through hours of boiling, but rather intensified and tasted like nothing else. From the moment we popped the lid open I knew that this would be a winner for me.

Simple recipes, a commitment to fresh ingredients and a dedication to real food make for the products created by Paradise Beach Purveyors a stand out in the crowd.

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