KSxM_1You know when Rihanna was singing about wanting “cake, cake, cake, cake”… but it wasn’t even her birthday? Well, when I think of cake, Katherine Sabbath is the first thing that comes to mind. Confession – she was one of the first accounts I ever followed back when she had around 12,000 followers and fast forward two years later, has gone far and beyond to accumulate over 280 thousand followers.


KSxM_2Just like how Picasso used canvas and Beyoncé uses music — Katherine Sabbath has cakes. An artist in her own right, she uses the dimensions of a cake to express her originality. Whether that is her quirky vibe, her visuals or personality; I just love how she pushes the boundaries of traditional cake decorating and through that, was able to create a movement of aspiring home bakers to step outside of what is considered the status quo of cake decorating. From the marbled chocolate bark, upside down melting ice cream cone to the iconic ganache drip – you know you have made it when you have created your own self-titled ‘signature style’. Not going to lie, I have attempted at making my own Katherine Sabbath-inspired cakes before, which were pretty good (as I have been told), but definitely not in the same league as the dessert creative herself.

 KSxM_11With the opening of a new Sydney CBD boutique, it sees the first collaboration between Katherine and the Swiss ice cream global giant – Mövenpick. What I find interesting about this new store, which so happens to be Australasia’s flagship store, is that it aims to change the way you can experience ice cream. It gives diners different dining experiences all in one venue. From a casual coffee lounge, to chic modern booths, communal tables and intimate wooden benches, the setting of where you eat Mövenpick ice cream easily changes the vibe of the dining experience.

KSxM_7I’ve been fortunate to have met Katherine prior to the event at Sweet Street last year (a fan boy moment may have occurred) and my fellow contributor Nicole was lucky enough to be one of the last orders Katherine took as she made her 21st Birthday cake, so meeting her here again just seemed like a reunion… like when N’SYNC reunited at the MTV VMA’s a couple years ago.

KSxM_5I guess she’s the only person who could bring together Sydney’s Food and Fashion scene together as this Masterclass catered to an intimate group of bloggers from both worlds, sharing a few of her tips and tricks when baking. Through this collaboration, Katherine releases an exclusive dessert creation that heightens the experience of enjoying Mövenpick ice cream. A scoop of your choosing is served in a rich dark chocolate tart (made from her very own recipe) with the scoop being adorned with her signature chocolate shard and drizzled with a raspberry coulis. Sure we could have easily just replicated her new dessert, but throughout this Masterclass she pushed for us to be creative and put our own spin on the creation and tailor it to our own taste and preferences.

Could easily be mistaken for a Kid's birthday party
Could easily be mistaken for a Kid’s birthday party

KSxM_10The class started with her teaching us how to make her marbled chocolate shard and we had the chance to create our very own. She provided many tips at this stage that I will simply share with you all.

Tip #1: Use freeze-dried raspberry powder for an intense all-natural colour

First off, to have an all-natural coloured and flavoured chocolate, you can add a freeze-dried Raspberry powder to white chocolate until you reach the desired intensity and shade is achieved. To create the marbled effect, pour a layer of dark chocolate on top of parchment paper in a sheet pan, and spread until smooth.

Tip #2: Shake the pan to create a smooth surface

Another tip here is to shake the pan to get rid of any ridges when spreading, this will help to create a smooth surface. To create the marbled effect, dab drops of the raspberry chocolate on top of the dark chocolate and shake again to smooth the surface and using a skewer, meld the two chocolates together by drawing lines throughout the chocolate preferably in circular motions.

KSxM_12Before it sets, you can sprinkle the top with whatever you like; our table literally had an array of sweets but I opted to stick to the original and sprinkle freeze dried raspberries and also marshmallows because who doesn’t like marshmallows?

KSxM_13Though not necessary, Katherine gave us gold luster from her own personal stash to add a little bit of luxury and advised to add pops of gold in certain areas wherever light catches the surface to highlight clear angles for the camera.

KSxM_14KSxM_15After that little lesson, here is my attempt below… I tried.


Just bloggers being bloggers
Just bloggers being bloggers

Moving onto the final dessert, seeing Katherine’s creation just worked. It may look so simple, but this is minimalism at its finest. With a two-toned plate, the cream swirl just popped on the black side of the plate with the red raspberry crowning the cream. The dark chocolate tart contrasted the black side of the plate with the white surface and the marbled chocolate shard created a dramatic backdrop of texture with the pops of freeze dried raspberries and had a shimmering effect in the light from the gold luster dust, highlighting the white panna cotta ice cream with the raspberry coulis drizzle. It really is art on a plate.

KSxM_18KSxM_19As you can see below, Troy Bolton would be very upset with me as he stressed to “keep your head in the game”, but unfortunately on the day mine clearly was just not there. Maybe I’m just being hard on myself but this isn’t my best work, however the flavour was definitely there.

Starting with the first tart in the foreground, I chose the crème brûlée flavour because I love the deep roasted rich nuttiness that a dark caramel has. Luckily for me, the Mövenpick ice cream had a ripple of caramel throughout the scoop, where the ice cream itself had a very smooth and silky texture that is reminiscent of a good ice cream and crème brûlée. The ice cream carried the light vanilla and creamy notes that a crème brûlée has which was sharply cut through with the deep caramel ripple. I crushed pastel coloured pink meringue kisses on top of the tart on the side of which I piped cream on to accentuate the pops of pink colour on the marbled chocolate on the back. When eaten all together, the dark chocolate tart was a real delight as it cut through the sweetness of the ice cream and meringue with it’s warm, bitter and fresh accents. This may be due to her adding a pinch of salt and coffee to the chocolate short crust dough that rather than overpowering the chocolate, emphasised each individual note in the flavour profile.

KSxM_20With the tart in the background, I went for Katherine’s personal favourite – the panna cotta ice cream. The ice cream had an exceptionally light and silky mouthfeel that carried the smooth vanilla and florally undertones that a panna cotta has. This particular version seemed to have a raspberry sauce folded throughout which I then reinforced with by drizzling raspberry coulis over the top of the scoop to add a layer of tartness, which worked well with the crushed white meringue pieces that had a dry yet crisp texture. The crunch of the tart and crispness of the meringue and snap of the chocolate complimented the airiness and creaminess of the ice cream.

KSxM_21At the end of the Masterclass, Nicole and I were lucky enough to hear some of her upcoming plans for the future but I don’t want to ruin all the fun so I’m going to keep you all hanging but just be ready for what’s to come. Though the first time I met her was simply as a fan, this time around I got to see Katherine at a personal, more down to earth level almost like as a teacher figure again with her ‘students’ having all eyes and attention on her sharing her passion so effortlessly. My admiration and respect for her has simply just grown more than ever before.

KSxM_22The Mövenpick Sydney CBD store has just opened recently with Katherine’s special collaboration available exclusively to the boutique for a special price of $12.95 but only for a very limited time. Having tried it myself, you can bet I’ll be back to try different combinations.

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Mövenpick Sydney
580 George Street, Sydney NSW
Web: www.moevenpick-icecream.com

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