kelloggsxkawacafe_4My grandfather’s diet was remarkably unique and he used to eat a similar breakfast everyday consisting of three courses. The first was an orange, then a bowl of Coco Pops, finished off with a fried egg and bacon — one might say it represented a balanced diet, perhaps?

However, the way he consumed his Coco Pops was particularly legendary, not only did he add milk, but more importantly soaked them in thickened cream and went further to add a teaspoon or two of white sugar. Dare I say he lived to the ripe old age of 95 and did not die of a heart attack. Our family copied his lead often stunning people at the buffet when on family holidays, and still my youngest cousin continues this Coco Pop tradition.kelloggsxkawacafe_8When I heard Kellogg’s Australia was launching a custom created menu featuring their favourite breakfast cereal brands, I knew it was only fair to attend and do him proud! Kellogg’s has partnered with one of our favourite gems on the Surry Hill’s café scene, Kawa. This longstanding brunch hotspot offers a daily delectable breakfast and lunch at their Crown Street venue.kelloggsxkawacafe_3The aim of the collaboration between Kawa Café and Kellogg’s is to showcase new and innovative ways of rethinking breakfast cereals, with cereals proving to be part of over a third of the population’s diet. The bespoke menu of delicious items aims to inspire one beyond the confines of the normal breakfast cereal bowl and reconsider the typical cereal staple. The cafe is decked out in cereal box themed decorations, with cabinets of the famous favourites and cutely adorned flasks of colourful objects decorating tables.kelloggsxkawacafe_15Menu items included crispy rice bubble French toast, Cereal milk thickshakes ($6.50) in flavours such as Crunchy Nut or Nutri-Grain. These were thick and creamy with their distinctive cereal tastes shining through. Watching the staff place generous spoonfuls of vanilla ice-cream, these thickshakes quickly gave us a sugar rush even before the food had arrived.kelloggsxkawacafe_1Everyone loved the Coco Pops hot chocolate with Coco Pops to sprinkle on top ($6.50) perfect for the cooling weather encroaching. Served in an adorably patterned little blue teapot, with a mug, it was great fun pouring the warm Coco Pop infused milk into the cup and then topping it with the Coco Pops themselves which added a fun crunch!kelloggsxkawacafe_13The Cornflake crumbed chicken burger with homemade chilli mayo, ripe tomato and lettuce on a warm brioche bun ($14.50) was a favourite with the chicken’s deliciously thick and crispy coating. Served with a side of potato crisps, it matched nicely with the crispy iceberg lettuce. However, it definitely needed a whole lot more of that chilli mayo to make it less dry and enhance the flavour.

kelloggsxkawacafe_14Being a lover of all things sweet, the Rice Bubble Crusted French Toast stuffed with banana, drizzled with maple syrup and topped with crispy bacon ($16.50) was incredibly decadent. The sweet banana and maple combination with the salty bacon, perfected the sweet and salty union. The gooey banana sandwiched in between the layers of bread contrasted perfectly the crunch of rice bubbles on the outside of the bread. Definitely my favourite dish of the day!

kelloggsxkawacafe_12The Baked Eggs with Just Right cous cous, roast tomato and herbs ($16.50) was definitely something different. Not like your usual shakshouka or baked egg dish, the combination of roast tomato, herbs, red onion, cous cous and raisins from the Just Right proved an interesting union. A delicious crust formed on the bottom of the pan and the dish remained light and moist. I recommend getting it with Crispy Bacon for $2 extra to add some delicious salty and smokiness to the dish.

kelloggsxkawacafe_2For those after something a little healthier- the Gluten Free Breakfast salad ($16.50) is the way to go. Featuring ingredients such as fresh kale, spinach, crispy green apple, buckwheat seeds, avocado, Gluten Free Special K and a poached egg — it’s the perfect way to fuel your day. The dish was fresh and light, with the crunch of the green apple adding a twist to the combination and a refreshing sweetness. This is definitely a new and innovative way of re-imagining cereal with a typical everyday dish such as salad. kelloggsxkawacafe_9Goodies such as Coco Pop Afghans and the Fruit Loops cake with cereal milk icing are some of the yummy treats you can enjoy with your morning coffee or to takeaway. The Fruit Loop cake ($5.50) was like an incredibly light and fluffy cupcake with delicious thick cereal milk infused frosting, it had me reminiscing childhood days spent crowning my fingers with the multicoloured rings. kelloggsxkawacafe_11Meanwhile the Chocolate Gluten Free Afghan ($3.80) paired perfectly with the Coco Pop hot chocolate. The Afghan — a staple on Kawa’s usual cafe menu consisted of a soft chocolate biscuit with raisins, walnuts and a moorish fudgy chocolate icing- and was finger lickingly good. The biscuit was very short, crumbling delectably and instantly melting in one’s mouth. The addition of Gluten Free Corn Flakes added crunch to the mix and a lovely textural component that had me wanting more!kelloggsxkawacafe_10Everyone’s favourite was the Nutri-Grain Edge Oat Biscuits with peanuts, cashews and salted caramel cream filling ($3.80). The biscuit originates from a family recipe that the sweet cafe owner’s mother guards secretly. Similar to an ANZAC cookie, it was dense but still amazingly moist and buttery. The salted caramel filling sandwiched between the two cookies was a rich and thick buttercream and proved to make the perfect cookie even more enchanting.

kelloggsxkawacafe_16Other dishes include Fresh fruit with Greek yoghurt and Special K Protein Clusters ($14.50) or for something substantial Grilled Salmon served with brown rice and an heirloom vegetable All Bran pilaf ($22). Cereal bowls ($3.80) with your favourite Kellogg’s cereal as well as other Dessert treats like the Protein power balls with cocoa, dates and Corn Flakes ($3.50) and Sultana Bran banana bread served with churned butter ($5.50). 

kelloggsxkawacafe_7This Pop-up will be open from Tuesday April 19 to Sunday 24 April, proving to be the perfect brunch over the long weekend approaching. Definitely pay a visit or at least pop in to get a thick shake and sweet treat takeaway! It’s well worth it! You can also check out Kellogg’s Open for Breakfast website where you can ask any question imaginable regarding their cereals from nut sourcing to sustainability to sugar and nutrition!

Kawa Cafe X Kellogg’s Pop Up
348 Crown St, Surry Hills, Sydney NSW
Tuesday 19 April to Sunday 24 April
7.30am – 5pm daily (Last orders 4pm)

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Photography by Justin Isip

I Ate My Way dined as guests of Kellogg’s


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