lotusfull Mother’s day is the day of the year where you get to celebrate how great your mum is, or the person in your life who has been your mother. It’s the day where you get to remember how much our mums do for us and how much we care about them. It’s a day to take some time to spend with your mother.

Mother’s Day is coming up on May 8th this year, and there are plenty of fabulous ways to spend time with your mum this year. If you’re looking for a way to satisfy your sweet tooth and love of chocolate, then then look no further than the team up between Lotus and Black Star. This comes after their phenomenal success during Chinese New Year. For this event, we didn’t hesitate when asked to sample the menu.

Sam Yeo, Black Star Pastry’s executive chef and Tiffany Jones, Lotus’ head pastry chef decided to work together again to create a luxurious dessert degustation featuring Valrhona chocolate, who prides itself on fine chocolate since it’s start in France in 1922. I soon found out this is a flawless combination.  

passionfruitfullAfter a few of Lotus’ elegant steamed dumplings, a Passionfruit bubble with shaved Jivara and crispy pearls is the first taste of the desserts to come. This is both a palette cleanser and an explosion in your mouth. Literally.

The passionfruit bubble pops as you eat it, releasing a perfectly sweet passionfruit filling. This is paired perfectly with subtle milk chocolate shavings. The crispy pearls add the right amount of crispness to the spoonful.


Mother’s Bleeding Heart, is the first full dessert plate. The white chocolate is my favourite, and is milky with a full vanilla flavour. It creates a sphere of chocolate around opaly’s and coconut mouse, liquid pomegranate and coconut meringue. A black sesame and pomegranate seed tree decorates the plate.

heartfullwatermarkThe second plate stuns me with its gorgeous presentation that perfectly incorporates what mothers day is about, love and family. Heart Burst, Mamma’s Pride, features a caramel bavarois. It is explained that the caramel in this dessert is subtle and unlike many other caramels it is created from dairy based caramel instead of caramelised sugar. This means that the caramel does not overpower the rest of the flavours in this dish.

The caramel bavarois is layered with rhubarb, rhubarb cloud and a rhubarb paper which adds a nice crispness to the dish.

chessfullPure entertainment comes in the form of the last dessert of the degustation, Patience of Chess Master, which Tiffany Jones explains is to explore a mother’s ability to be patient and juggle familial responsibilities. Manjari, is a rare Madagascar dark chocolate which uses Criollo and Trinitarian beans, is used in this dish. A matcha and Manjari checkerboard is the main dessert. A sports ball shaped mint ice cream, which is refreshing, sits beside it. Fresh mint is scattered across the plate.

My plate features a chocolate jelly dinosaur, a matcha mallow aero chocolate toy and a matcha teddy bear. It embraces a very childlike feeling of chocolate, which is represented well with the chocolate soil and presentation of the plate.

To end, they send you home with a variety of Valrhona chocolates, in case you need to continue your chocolate coma.

The event will be held at Lotus The Galeries (Level 1, 500 George Street, Sydney NSW); it begins on May 6th and runs at 12:30pm and 6:30pm through to Mother’s Day on May 8th. Tickets are $82.50 each and can be found here.


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