The Beaches Market

Located in Warriewood on Sydney’s beautiful Northern Beaches, The Beaches Market is an incredibly vibrant little market full of amazing goodies. With over 100 stallholders, the market boasts a wonderful array of products, from fresh organic fruit and veggies, to gorgeous homemade gifts and homewares, unique and interesting fashion items and even treats for doggies!

The Beaches Market has been invited to take part in Markets in May, an initiative created specifically to celebrate Sydney’s local markets! On the first three Thursdays in May between 11am and 2pm, Martin Place will be taken over by a pop-up lunchtime market, bringing CBD workers the very best in local produce. 

On Thursday May 5th, The Beaches Market will be livening up the CBD with a select few of its favourite stallholders. I was lucky enough to visit the markets last Friday, and chat to some of the people who’ll be in Martin Place. 

Vibrant, fresh tomatoes. Photo: Alana Kaye.

Ben Lovett, Nougat Royale

Ben started Nougat Royale in 2004, but before that he was a professional chef, working with the likes of Matt Moran and Brent Savage! His nougat is deliciously soft and creamy, and is proudly Australian made and gluten free. Ben tries to keep his ingredients as Australian-based as possible, but admits it’s hard to beat the Belgians when it comes to chocolate! 

White Chocolate, Pistachio and Cranberry Nougat – Ben’s most popular flavour! Photo: Alana Kaye.

He keeps his nougat boutique, only creating and selling three flavours, all of which have a chocolate twist: white chocolate with cranberry and pistachio; dark chocolate, dried cherry and toasted coconut; and dark chocolate with roasted almond. He makes a 3kg batch at a time, which usually takes about 25-30 mins to complete. Ben says his most popular flavour is the white chocolate, and it’s easy to see why. It’s sweet, crunchy and smooth and looks absolutely beautiful with the different colours of cranberry and pistachio running through it.

Nougat Royale offers 3 sensational flavours, along with vibrant, crunchy honeycomb. Photo: Alana Kaye.
A small sample of all three flavours. Photo: Alana Kaye.
Dark Belgian Chocolate, Toasted Coconut and Sour Cherries. Photo: Alana Kaye.

Paddy The Baker

This isn’t just your normal bread. Paddy makes Irish soda bread, and what’s unique about his product is that unlike pretty much every other bread on the market, Paddy doesn’t use a starter to make it. Instead, he uses bi-carb soda to leaven it and make it rise. 

Paddy’s scrumptious Seedy Soda loaves, ready for the taking. Photo: Alana Kaye.

Paddy owns and runs the only Irish Bakery in Sydney, and the smell of his freshly baked breads lure people into local produce markets all over the city. All of their breads are baked daily, and don’t contain any nasty additives or preservatives. Although a little denser than an average loaf, the flavour in the seeded bread is fantastic. 

Sampling some bread. Photo: Alana Kaye.
Freshly baked, and smelling yum! Photo: Alana Kaye.

They have a wide range of products, including the Traditional Soda, the Seriously Seedy Soda, Buttermilk Scones as well as a gluten free loaf (which was selling fast the day I was there!). Paddy also makes a traditional Irish staple, the Potato Bread, which resembles an Indian naan bread but is made with mashed potato and fried in bacon fat. YUM! Perfect hangover cure for those hazy Sunday mornings.

Joel Mevissen, Westmont Picklery

Founded by best mates Joel Mevissen and Calvin Lidden, Westmont Picklery is Aussie through and through. Joel was inspired when living in New York, where pickles come as a side to absolutely everything, and began his quest back in Australia for the perfect cucumber to pickle. 

The lids of Westmont Pickles make for pretty pictures! Photo: Alana Kaye.

Today, they sell three signature flavours, each with their own distinctive taste: Dill – the closest to the classic American pickle, it’s crunchy and sour, and would taste phenomenal with a sharp cheddar; the Bread & Butter – sweet and smooth, it’s got a much more mild taste, but is just as crunchy; Chilli – with a nice, balanced heat, and just enough kick to make the tastebuds sizzle. 

Three distinctive flavours, and all Australian made. Photo: Alana Kaye.

Joel tells me his most popular flavour is the Bread & Butter. It’s beautiful and crunchy, not as sour, and perfect for the Aussie palate, he says. 

Sally Woerndl, Gwydir Grove

The story of Gwydir Grove is an incredible one, of two hardworking, pioneering Australian women. Margi Kirkby and Jenni Birch weren’t just going to sit around while their men went to work. So, in 1996 they bought themselves a second-hand olive press, started harvesting the local olive trees, and began selling oil to the local shops. 

Each of the infused oils sold by Gwydir Grove are unique and distinctive in taste and flavour. Photo: Alana Kaye.

Now, with over 85,000 trees, Margi and Jenni do it all – grow, harvest, press, blend, bottle and market! This year, as they look back on how far they’ve come, Gwydir Grove is celebrating 21 years of producing award winning olive oils and olives.

Thick, creamy caramelised balsamic vinegar. Photo: Alana Kaye.

Sally explains that their range of agrumato oils are pretty special for their grove. ‘Agrumato’ is an Italian word meaning ‘citrus’, and the agrumato oil is a whole citrus oil, meaning it doesn’t just infuse the flavours of citrus fruits with the olives, but utilises them in their entirety, crushing and pressing them simultaneously with the olives. This gives the oil greater depth of flavour. Alongside the agrumato, they also do a range of infused oils, a caramelised balsamic vinegar that is deliciously thick like honey, a tangy olive pâté and a salty, crunchy dukkah with a complexity of flavour that is to die for. 

Agruamato, meaning ‘citrus’ is a special oil for the grove. Photo: Alana Kaye.

James de Meur, Bačka Sydney

Bačka offer a huge variety of dried, preserved meats, from Hungarian salami to chorizo, all kinds of pepperoni and even beef jerky. All of their products are gluten and preservative free, and full of naturally delicious goodness!

Meat fest! Photo: Alana Kaye.

The smokey aromas of their meat will lead you to Bačka’s stall. Their most popular product, by far, is The Godfather – a pork salami with a hit of chilli, chunky garlic and a blend of secret spices. I also tried their Italian Cacciatore sausage, which is 100% pork with garlic, rolled in white pepper. The flavour is full, and it’s not until a few seconds later that the heat kicks in.

The Godfather – their most popular product. Photo: Alana Kaye.
Italian Cacciatore – rolled in pepper for that extra bit of heat! Photo: Alana Kaye.

Alongside galloping around the state to various organic and produce markets, Bačka havejust opened up a new retail store in Revesby – Shop 1/64 Beaconsfield Street. So if you missed them at the markets head in and have the experience for yourself. 


All of these stallholders, and more are at The Beaches Market (Pittwater Rugby Park, 1472 Pittwater Road, Warriewood NSW) every Friday, 8am – 1pm, and will be at the Markets in May pop-up in Martin Place on Thursday 5th May, from 11am-2pm.

Other Markets In May pop-ups:
Thursday 12th May – Brewery Yard Markets
Thursday 19th May – Blak Markets

For more information, check out



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