The I Ate My Way Through ice cream series

Plaid, pin-ups and perfectly delicious ice cream. This is what Miss Dipity is all about. The all natural ice cream shop is part of Serendipity Ice Cream brand.


The tattooed logo and pin-up girl are represented through the whole shop. The employees wear adorable red plaid shirts and you feel transported back in time when looking at the shop.

However, the flavours are anything but vintage at this shop. The best part is trying to choose between a traditional ice cream flavour or something vastly different.


Many of the flavours are Asian inspired. The black ice cream is Black Sesame, though mild it is fabulous on its own or paired with the Green Tea. The black sesame is an award winning flavour by the company.


If you want a flavour adventure, then the must try is the DURIAN! People either love or hate this fruit (I’m in the later category after this ice cream adventure).

The durian ice cream is kept in a separate locked cooler, as the flavour is so pungent it seeps into everything else around it. Durian is a spiky fruit from South East Asia. Miss Dipity formally had the employees go into an empty room to cut and prepare the fruit but decided it was too terrible a smell and instead now import it prepared.

It’s definitely a flavour to try. (Never again for me though…)


Other flavours include Pandan, Jackfruit, Salted Palm Sugar, Yuzu, Lychee

Serendipity started ice cream production in 1966. Sarah Mandelson, CEO of Serendipity, says everything is made with care. The ice cream is all natural with very strict rules about the ingredients that go in. Everything is homemade, with care taken to accommodate gluten free, vegan and halal diets.


Many of the bakery additions are made by Madhouse bakery and at any one-time serendipity makes 100 different flavours of ice cream that they switch out at Miss Dipity.

My favourite flavour of the day was the Salty Pistachio. It was perfection with the salted caramel and crunchy pistachios. A close second was the toasted marshmallow. Which tasted exactly like marshmallow and was a lovely pink colour.


Miss Dipity also offers DipityPops, which you can get dipped in chocolate and a variety of toppings. Soft serve ice cream is also available in flavours such as Miso Caramel.

Miss Dipity
Shop K1, The District Dining, Chatswood Interchange
436 Victoria Avenue, Chatswood, Sydney NSW
Phone: (02) 9557 8986

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