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RivaReno gelato is the perfect winter gelato. Why you ask? They keep their gelato at a warmer temperature than many other shops, leading to a melt in your mouth gelato that doesn’t freeze your palate.

RivaReno was originally founded in Italy in 2003 by top gelato chefs. It all started in Bologna with a dedication to fresh and high quality ingredients. Kieran Tosolini brought the fresh and amazing gelato to Sydney and invited us for a masterclass to see what makes them so different.


One of the most authentic and best loved flavours is pistachio. This was the flavour that Kieran walked us through.

The pistachio paste is made in Sicily, and imported into Australia. Kieran and the RivaReno team have the best pistachios to go into the paste. They are harvested every second year from Italy and the middle east. The paste itself is just roasted and ground pistachios. It is a smooth and delicious pistachio paste with no added products. It could definitely get eaten by the spoonful.

Kieran told us that RivaReno aims to not be “gimmicky”. This is shown in the care of ingredients. Another one of the pastes and butters they use in the gelatos is the hazelnut.

These hazelnuts are lightly ground and roasted into the paste. It really tastes like fresh hazelnuts. RivaReno searched high and wide to find the best hazelnuts on the planet for their gelato.

RivaReno pistachio

The first step in making the pistachio gelato is that the the pistachio paste is added straight into an unpasteurized and sweetened milk base. The milk goes through slight processing in Piedmont, where it is produced at a milk coop, before coming to Australia.

RivaReno Sugar

RivaReno Salt

Next, grape sugar and salt are also added to the gelato. The gelato has very specific measurements to ensure it is perfect every time.

Kieran explains that the gelato is made fresh every morning starting at 8am for a 1pm opening. They make small batches, that will last the day, and if they run out they just make more.

The gelato typically only lasts one day as there are no preservatives, so to avoid waste they have to make it fresh every morning. This is also to ensure the quality and care of the gelato. RivaReno pride themselves on authentic high quality gelato.

RivaReno churn

The gelato is then churned for around 10 minutes until it is ready to be served. It isn’t fluffed and no stabilizing agents are added. It is put in a chilled pot with the lid on until it is eaten.

RivaReno Gelato1

RivaReno doesn’t display their gelato in big fluffy piles. This is because the ingredients they use and the temperature they keep it at don’t physically let the gelato display this way. Instead it is kept in stainless steel pots that are kept at the perfect temperature.

RivaReno Pots

RivaReno recently went through a total makeover. Now it is decorated in blacks and greys, portraying a sophisticated and friendly environment. The décor perfectly reflects the elegance that is their gelato.

RivaReno Decor

Eating RivaReno gelato is a treat. Pun intended.

The must try flavours are:

Cioccolate- this is chocolate. Normally I am not a chocolate gelato person. This tastes like eating a spoonful of heavenly rich frosting. The chocolate is from Piedmont and it tastes like pure chocolate. No additives. All amazing.

Bacio– Chocolate and hazelnut. You pretty much get a full hazelnut in every single bite. This is so very different to most gelatos where you get the occasional crunch. If you like hazelnuts, this is amazing.

Ricotta and Fichi- this couldn’t be a more Italian flavour. It is filled with the freshness of the ricotta and the perfectly sweet figs.

Cassata- the perfect winter flavour. I said it before and I’ll say it again, RivaReno is the perfect winter gelato. This flavour uses sheep milk instead of cows and features candied fruits, orange and spices. My favourite!

RivaReno Flavours

RivaReno also makes sorbets and granita which contain between 55% and 90% fruit. The must try sorbet flavour is pear, it tastes like you are biting into a fresh, juicy, cold pear.

The granita is the slurpee’s older sophisticated sister. It doesn’t have any (or much) added sugar and is only the best fresh produce. You get fruit in frozen form that you can drink. It even comes out of a slurpee machine!

RivaReno Granita

RivaReno Commitment

RivaReno is a sophisticated, creamy and fresh gelato made with the finest ingredients they can find. They have a commitment to excellence and making the freshest gelato. It is also worth mentioning that the gelato here is served in smaller portions than other gelato shops in Sydney. This is because they don’t add air, so it is much denser than other gelatos.

280 Crown St, Darlinghurst, Sydney NSW
Phone: (02) 9356 2669

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