World Burger tour is happening at Hard Rock Cafe. They’re making burgers left right and centre inspired by cultures across the globe. At the heart of rock and roll, you can expect these guys to be plating up patties with everything from pineapple to chorizo and even some unusual ‘surprises’. 

Upon entering, your attention is drawn to the musical instruments hanging on every wall, costumes cased like trophies and a live band playing rocking classics. Pop art of famous musicians stare back at you from every corner, filling the room with colour and energy.
 hrc008hrc009hrc007To kick off this adventure across the world, I started with a mango berry cooler. A refreshing tall glass of fruity flavours that let my body know that the World Tour is just about to begin!


When it came to ordering, my decision could not have been any harder as every burger on the menu looked too good to miss out on. Eventually, after constantly changing my mind, I ordered a burger inspired by the tropical weather and warm beaches of Hawaii. 


Welcome to the table, Aloha Burger. This thick beef patty was dressed in spam, guacamole, grilled pineapple and rich melty Monterey Jack cheese. Could you really get any more Hawaiian than that? 

The Aloha married the sweet with the savoury (one of my most favourite combinations I must add). The diced grilled pineapple added a juiciness to the slight saltiness of the spam and the juicy beef patty. In the midst of enjoying this burger, I thought of how The Aloha did a nice job in taking a staple Hawaiian food in the way that the Hawaiians would. Spam had the potential to go with a lot of things and in a way, making it a little more fancy than how I boringly ate it throughout my childhood. 

The next burger was an interesting one. It had a little more flair than the others as it had an ingredient you don’t often find in your food. It was the Frito Crunch Burger! And yes, it did have actual Fritos inside. This burger couldn’t have been better without this crispy American snack to give it some kick. 

hrc005hrc001Between the sweet buns were the juicy patty, queso fresco cheese, beef chorizo and Fritos. With every mouthful, this stack had a full smoky flavour and great crunch from the American chip generously garnishing the meats. 

Just like the Aloha burger, this one is big and best eaten with two hands to keep everything together. There’s so much happening inside each of them, you either need to have a wide jaw to get a big enough bite for the full flavour or like me, take multiple smaller bites to ensure you get a taste of everything together. Either way, these burgers pack a mouthful so it’s best to come with a growling appetite. 

For more information on the World Burger Tour, visit

Hard Rock Cafe
Level 2 Harbourside Shopping Centre, 
Darling Harbour, NSW, 2000

Phone: (02) 9280 0077

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